5 ways to use up leftover floorboards

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Chateau Extra White Oak Flooring | Denholm Partnership Architects
Classic Extra White Oak Flooring | Denholm Partnership Architects

When ordering flooring we recommend factoring in wastage to ensure you have plenty for any nooks and crannies and avoid long lead times if you run a few boards short.

If you find that you are left with a few extra boards why scrap them when you can save on wastage and do something creative instead! Check out these clever ways our customers have used up their leftover boards for inspiration.

Solid Oak lamp

Solid Oak cut offs were laminated together and spun on a lathe to produce this gorgeous cone lamp. Although this is not a simple DIY job, it shows good use of smaller cut offs which would often be wasted. Lamp made by Ackie MacRae Joinery.

Showroom shelving

We’ve been seeing various projects using exposed plywood and we thought we’d get in on the action. Using our Unfinished Engineered Oak boards, we have created a feature with our showroom shelving. Shelves made by MacKintosh Manufacturing.

The owner of this stylish home used their left over Classic Extra White Oak boards to make a stunning table matching the flooring. The Osmo Oil finish means the Oak is fully protected and easy to maintain and clean.

Boot room

Winner of the BBC1’s ‘Best House in Town’ and it’s easy to see why with creative and interesting details throughout – like this boot room, made using leftover Brushed Oak floorboards from the kitchen. Homeowner Chrissie said “It ended up being a great idea, utilising existing materials and keeping costs low.” Image credit: @chrissiej_adams


This elegant headboard is a lovely continuation of the Solid Oak Flooring. A simple, yet striking idea which adds warmth to the walls. Image credit @callelochan

If you have used your leftover floorboards in an interesting way, we’d love to see your creations! Tag us on Facebook or use #Russwood on Instagram or Twitter.

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