Interior wall cladding – the latest trends

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Russwood are currently seeing a high demand for interior wall cladding products which can be used in both commercial environments as well as domestic properties. We offer a wide range of material which is suitable for internal wall decoration. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the best options for using interior wall cladding in your project.

Weathered Mixed Species, Royal London Group, Edinburgh
Weathered Mixed Species, Royal London Group, Edinburgh

Why Choose Timber?

Interior wall cladding products are proving to be a popular option due to their unique three dimensional effect and bold characteristics. Using wall cladding is a great way to introduce the warmth and texture of a timber material to a room where replacing the floor may be not be practical, making wall cladding ideal for renovation projects. Alternatively, if you are looking to transform a less interesting room in your property or building, adding a feature wall would certainly create an impressive focal point. We’ve also seen wall cladding used to great effect on head boards and bar fronts.

Fired Spruce Interior Wall Cladding
Fired Spruce Interior wall cladding

Fired Spruce

Fired Spruce is a thermally modified product, treated at 212 degrees centigrade which gives the Spruce lovely caramel hues and enhances dimensional stability. The boards are lightly wire brushed, giving the surface an accentuated pattern by pulling the softer spring wood and leaving the summer wood more exposed. Commercially, Fired Spruce adds dimension to shopping or office spaces, breaking up surfaces and adding to the visual balance through three dimensional form, while homes and living spaces will be transformed by the warmth and form of a natural product.

Weathered Mixed Species

Reclaimed and repurposed, our Weathered Mixed Species is a great option for the eco-conscious client. Pieces offer a variety of tones, from silvery greys to soft brown, with the rugged blocks locking together to create a beautifully rustic panel. As no two pieces are the same, you are guaranteed to have your own unique display. Our Weather Mixed Species has been generating a lot of interest with Royal London Group, Project Pie in Dundee and Taco Bell London, to name a few all using our product.

Weathered Mixed Species, Antlers Cafe, Newtonmore
Weathered Mixed Species, Antlers Cafe, Newtonmore
Brushed Extra White Flooring used as Wall Cladding | Dualchas Architects
Brushed Extra White Oak Flooring used as wall cladding | Dualchas Architects

Flooring Used as Wall Cladding

Another great option we offer is using our flooring as wall cladding. Our Classic, Brushed and Authentic Oak boards can all be used to great effect and with such a diverse choice of colours and textures you are guaranteed to find something to create your desired look.

How to Fix Your Interior Wall Cladding

All products can be fixed to the walls using a simple batten system. A secret fix through the tongue of the boards avoids the need to face fix and the next board easily slots on top with the tongue and groove interlocking. Alternatively an adhesive could be used to fix the supporting wall.

To find out more about Russwood’s selection of Interior Wall Cladding, get in touch with one of our Technical Experts.

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