Introducing Grandis Select®: A clear, consistently figured and sustainable hardwood in pale pink tones

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A clean, consistent hardwood timber with subtle figuring and virtually no knots, Grandis Select® is an aesthetically flawless and versatile cladding solution which represents a sustainable alternative to the popular Western Red Cedar species.⁠ Read on to find out more about this valuable addition to our external cladding product range.

Grandis Select cladding
Grandis Select® RW014

Grandis performance, grade and applications

Grandis Select® is a naturally durable, hardwood timber (Class 3 BS EN 350-2) and is further hand-graded in house to ensure no sapwood remains on the working face. The clarity, grain and neutrality of the boards allow for a diverse range of applications and design intentions from clean, modern structures to more traditional clad buildings.

Derived from the fast-growing, highly renewable Eucalyptus Grandis species, the boards have a refined pink undertone which pairs beautifully with its subtle grain pattern. Offered in our RW014, Board on Board D Vertical and Square edge vertical open rainscreen profiles, and also available in Planed, Skimmed and Microtex® finishes, the species can fit a wide variety of projects.


Grandis Select cladding corner detail
Grandis Select® RW014
Grandis Select cladding side profile
Grandis Select® RW014
Grandis select cladding in soffits
Grandis Select® RW014 (uncoated)


Grandis Select® cladding can be factory coated in SiOO:X Original, Light Grey and Mid Grey, to achieve a consistently weathered look at an accelerated rate. Alternatively, when left uncoated, Grandis Select® will weather to a silver grey colour.⁠


Sustainable at its core

Grandis Select® is a fully sustainable timber, originating from a fast-growing, highly renewable species originating in Uruguay. Sustainably sourced from well-managed forests (FSC® certified).⁠



Grandis Select® RW014

How to specify

When specifying Grandis Select®, having a conversation about design intention and project requirements with our Architectural Liaison Team is the best way to ensure you are specifying the most suitable product for your project.

View Grandis Select® here or get in touch with our Architectural Liaison Team to find out more.

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Grandis Select®

Our high-quality Grandis Select®, is a popular alternative to Western Red Cedar as it is virtually clear of knots.
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