The top 5 timber interior cladding and flooring trends for 2023

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Russwood have a large variety of timber products for interior use, that have been used in a plethora of different commercial and domestic projects. With a wide range to choose from, it is now even easier to enhance the appearance of your interior space. In this blog, Flooring and Interior Cladding Sales Advisor Molly Welsh, discusses some of the latest interior design trends, and provides inspiration on how timber can be incorporated into your design projects.

Luna Panel System | Pine Bank Chalets, Aviemore | Catriona Parmenter Photography

Spa bathrooms

Is there anything more relaxing than a spa? Why not incorporate the luxury of a spa into your bathroom? Spas aid relaxation by evoking the senses, and the natural properties of timber help to add warmth and bring us closer to the natural world. Our Lunawood Collection is a perfect addition to your ‘spathroom’, with a warm caramel tone, and knots which are pleasing to the eye. If you prefer a long hot bath, not to worry, as the thermal modification of the Lunawood makes it extremely stable in areas of high humidity, we have even seen it used in saunas!

Feature walls

While not a new trend as such, feature walls can certainly help make a statement in any room. Kurowood® is ideal for drawing in the eyes. Based on the traditional Japanese Yakisugi process of charring timber, the striking matt black boards are hot embossed to create the textured finish. Perfect for fostering a dramatic effect in any room, they are easy to install and – unlike real charred timber – mess free.

Kurowood Barred
Kurowood® Interior Cladding, barred finish | Russwood | Graham Niven Photography
Luna Panel System | Pine Bank Chalets, Aviemore | Catriona Parmenter Photography

Sustainably sourced materials

A hot topic in the world of interior design and architecture, and in general. Many people are looking to be more conscious about what they consume, especially in their homes. We pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of our material is sustainably sourced. This doesn’t just include our timber, but also the finishes for our floors. Osmo oil, made with 100% natural ingredients, brings your choice of desired colour to your floor, with the added bonus of protection from dirt and water, while allowing the wood to breathe.


Darker flooring is perfect for those who love to be bold and embrace the maximalist trend. Boards can be chosen in a character grade from our European Oak page, which is a blend of heartwood and sapwood with sizeable filled knots and checks. No board is the same, and have a lot of texture that helps to catch the light and highlight the figuring. It is an eye-catching solution to any room that is designed to stun.

European Oak | Dusk | Nigel Rigden Photography
European Oak | Dusk | Nigel Rigden Photography
European Oak | Chalk | Used as wall cladding | Cabins in the City
European Oak | Chalk | Used as wall cladding | Cabins in the City


If you prefer the less-is-more attitude, then we have the solutions for you. Our European Oak flooring can be finished in a variety of colours and laying styles. The wire brushed boards, for example can really highlight the figuring of the oak when the light hits it, and the smoothed boards have a traditionally sanded finish, which can help to unify your space. These boards can provide a light, airy feel to your room.

If you are interested in specifying Flooring used as interior cladding on your next project, get in touch with our Flooring and Interior Cladding Sales Advisors.

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