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Fire retardant timber cladding

The safety of a building’s occupants and users is of paramount importance to the design of any structure, and the appropriate fire performance should be considered for all components used in any construction. For wood panelling and cladding it is the reaction to fire performance which is taken into consideration.

Timber elements can be used in a wide variety of structural applications with no special treatment necessary, but certain situations may require an improved reaction to fire performance as dictated by building regulations.  Improved reaction to fire performance can be achieved with timber cladding, through the use of flame retardants, up to Euroclass B-s1, d0.

Russwood can arrange for appropriate flame retardant treatment of our timber cladding, where required, with the Burnblock® system. Unlike many other fire retardants on the market Burnblock is non-toxic, consists of 100% natural ingredients, and has a GOLD-level Cradle-to-Cradle Certificationᵀᴹ.


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