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Architects & specifiers

Russwood provide a number of services to assist architects with the specification of timber cladding, decking, flooring and fixings. We work with architects and other specifiers to offer advice, timber knowledge and understanding of how our selection of sustainable timbers will react in the UK climate. We can help with species selection, coatings and fixings to ensure the timber performs well for decades.  

Architect Liaison Team at work assisting in specification

Architectural Liaison

Our dedicated Architectural Liaison Team (ALT) will work with you throughout the design process, helping you to select and specify the best timber cladding, decking and fixings for your project, ensuring that aesthetic and performance criteria are being met. The ALT have backgrounds spanning architecture, design and engineering, resulting in the skills and design appreciation to enable an understanding of an architect’s design intent, and the motivation to help progress a successful design.  

We can also assist you with writing the H21 (external timber cladding) and Q55 (timber decking) NBS documents covering the timber grade, coatings and fixings.

Timber CPDs

We offer CPD certified Seminars and Webinars in External Timber Cladding. We also offer Seminars in Fire Treated Cladding and Timber Flooring. Our CPDs – which can be delivered virtually or in-person – enable architects, interior designers and other specifiers to enhance their timber knowledge and expertise, keep skills up-to-date and assist in making the most informed choice of timber products. 

Cladding CPD
Cladding CPD

NBS specification

Specifying the correct grade of timber is essential. Low grade timber can result in increased wastage, poor durability and eventual long-term failure of the façade. A Russwood National Building Specification (NBS) will be tied to our selected grades of timber, resulting in an improved aesthetic and long-term durability. 

You can now find, select, and specify our products with ease using NBS Source, the free-to-use construction product platform for architects, designers, specifiers and engineers.


Architextures is a material editor for architects and designers. The web app allows you to combine and preview our timber options, coatings and profiles quickly and easily. Selections created in the app can be downloaded instantly as seamless textures, images that can be tiled repeatedly and are ideal for use in CAD packages, construction drawings or moodboards.


Thermopine® RW119 92mm texture from Architextures
Thermopine® RW119 92mm texture from Architextures