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Untreated timber cladding will naturally weather over time, developing a silver or grey hue. While this can be a beautiful aesthetic, it is not always desired. At Russwood, we offer a range of coated timber cladding options to give you the flexibility to choose the finish that best suits your project vision and preferences. Read on to find out more about our SiOO:X, Woca Oil and Teknos paint systems.

SILA Select® sawn finish fins fixed with KompeFix® & L-GoFix® A2 Screws | Annie Kenyon Architects
SILA Select® factory coated in SiOO:X Mid Grey

SiOO:X – a weathered look without the wait

SiOO:X is a unique silicate-based surface modification treatment that virtually eliminates differential weathering, meaning you can achieve a consistently weathered look without the wait. Available in Light Grey and Mid Grey pigmented versions for a more immediate colour, or a clear Original option. SiOO:X is best suited for use with Scotlarch®, Thermopine®, Abodo® and Grandis Select® cladding.

Oil – translucent colour that highlights the natural beauty of the timber

Our Woca oil system is an advanced water-based protective sealer specifically designed to protect and beautify timber cladding. Works best on modified timbers such as Abodo® and Thermopine®. Choose from translucent oils in a contemporary Black or traditional Teak which highlights the natural beauty of the timber.

Thermopine® cladding factory coated in black Woca oil
Thermopine® Cladding wire brushed and factory coated black
Thermopine® Cladding wire brushed and factory coated in Teknos black paint

Paint – a solid coloured finish

Our vacuum-coated painted cladding system from Teknos that delivers a consistent, high-quality finish under factory-controlled conditions. Available in a range of translucent or opaque colours, paint works best with modified timbers such as Thermopine® or Accoya®.

Fire retardant – where improved reaction to fire performance is required

While timber elements may not always require fire treatment, certain situations demand improved fire performance. Russwood’s preferred solution is Burnblock® fire retardant. Burnblock stands out for its non-toxic composition, comprising 100% natural ingredients, and holds a GOLD-level Cradle-to-Cradle Certificationᵀᴹ, setting it apart in the market.

fire retardant coated timber cladding
SILA Select® fire treated cladding

Whatever your design objective, our team of cladding experts can advise you on the most suitable choice of coating system for your project, taking into account your species choice, aesthetic preferences, and maintenance requirements. We can also provide guidance on how to best maintain your coated timber cladding to ensure it remains looking its best for many years to come.