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Securo Firebreather Cavity Barriers

Timber cladding is installed with a ventilated cavity behind it, in order to allow moisture dissipation and ensure adequate ventilation of the cladding façade. To prevent the spread of fire within the cavity, intumescent ventilated cavity barriers can be installed at key points, and are required by building codes. In the event of a fire the heat activated intumescent strip expands, sealing off the cavity and containing the spread of flame behind the cladding.  

The Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier takes this concept of passive fire protection one step further, by the inclusion of the stainless steel mesh component. The mesh component acts to interrupt the flow of hot gases, arresting the flame, and preventing the passage of sparks and burning embers while the intumescent strip deploys to seal the cavity.

The resultant patented two-component product offers superior performance to other intumescent cavity barriers available on the market, and is leading the way forward in terms of façade fire safety.

Conventional intumescent strip only type cavity barriers take time to expand and seal the cavity – around 1-2 minutes – during which time flame, burning embers etc could bypass a standard intumescent cavity barrier before it has fully deployed.  This poses a particular problem in flashover situations, where a fully developed fire may enter the cavity suddenly, and could spread quickly without immediate fire stopping capabilities. 

The Securo Firebreather represents a significant advancement in this area, and raises the standard for cavity barrier performance. Unique among other ventilated cavity barriers available – the Securo Firebreather carries certification under ASTM 2912, which addresses the performance of the component under sudden flame impingement. It is also classified as an EI30 element under EN1366, giving the component a 30minute fire resistance rating.

The demonstration test in the video below compares the Securo cavity barrier and a competing intumescent strip type cavity barrier.

Securo Firebreather Cavity Barriers are also compatible with the Russwood Battening System.

Securo cavity barrier is installed on the two films to the left side, while a competing intumescent strip only type product is installed on the two films on the right side.

While we see that the Securo Firebreather cavity barrier stops the flames from the first second, we see that the competing product let flames pass through for quite some time before it closes.

During this period, rapidly spreading flames and burning embers could bypass the older type of cavity barrier, allowing the fire to continue spreading upwards through the ventilated cavity.