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How to apply SiOO:X

Proper application of SiOO:X Wood Protection is essential to ensure full penetration of the timber and a consistent finish. For best results, SiOO:X should be applied in factory-controlled conditions, however SiOO:X can also be applied on-site to new or existing facades following detailed application instructions.

Scotlarch® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X | Line Architecture
Scotlarch® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X | Line Architecture

Factory application

Factory application offers a number of advantages over on-site application. SiOO:X Original, Light Grey and Mid Grey can all be applied by machine under factory-controlled conditions at Russwood’s in-house coating facility. We apply SiOO:X to boards which have a Microtex® or Skimmed surface finish, aiding the penetration of SiOO:X and ensuring maximum coverage. Machine application ensures an even coating is applied to all four sides of the board, resulting in a uniform, consistent finish. SiOO:X can be applied year-round at our coating facility, while on-site application is weather dependent.

DIY application

On-site application of SiOO:X Original can be carried out with due care by following detailed application instructions. SiOO:X can be applied to new or existing facades, provided the timber is clean and dry. SiOO:X must be applied in temperatures of above 6°C, and avoiding strong sunlight. Treatment must be completed before the timber is exposed to rainfall. For these reasons, we recommend on-site application is done during the spring and summer months. For optimal penetration, surfaces should have a sawn or coarse finish, such as Russwood Microtex® or Skimmed surface finishes. Smooth boards must be sanded using no finer than a 60-grit sandpaper. It is not possible to apply SiOO:X Light Grey or Mid Grey on-site as the pigments need to be mixed by machine in factory conditions.

Please note: For use in external above ground conditions; timber cladding or decking should be selected for its natural durability with minimum durability Class 3 (according to BSEN 503-2). SiOO:X is not recommended for application on windows / doors.

Application methodSiOO:X Original SiOO:X Light GreySiOO:X Mid Grey
Factory application
DIY applicationxx