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Fire performance classes

The reaction to fire performance of timber cladding is defined under EN 13501-1, and construction products are assigned a Euroclass rating under this system. The Euroclass system comprises ratings from A - F, and describes characteristics such as flame spread, ignitability, heat release, smoke production, burning droplets etc. The ratings system and examples of each category can be found in the table below.

Classification DefinitionDescription Examples
A1Non-combustibleNo contribution to fireGlass/ Stone/ Concrete
A2Limited combustibilityVery limited contribution to fireGypsum Boards with thin coverings (eg paper faced)
BCombustibleLimited contribution to fireSome flame retardant treated wood products*
CCombustibleMinor contribution to fireSome flame retardant treated wood products*
DCombustibleMedium contribution to fireMost wood based panels over 390kg/m³ in density*
ECombustibleHigh contribution to fireSome wood panel systems/ Plastic based insulation/ Composites
FUnclassifiedNot tested N/A

Within the fire performance classes described above, further limitations of smoke and burning droplet production are taken into account in certain situations. This is normally applied to Euroclass A-D categories in specific circumstances, and would be written in the format Euroclass B-s1, d0.