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Fire retardant treatment process

Russwood work with experienced specialist Burnblock® applicators, to provide our timber cladding with the fire classification required. The application of any flame retardant system must be carefully managed and monitored, to ensure that the correct loading of fire retardant is achieved to provide the stated performance.

The machine used in the process of treating timber cladding with Burnblock

Any process to enhance the fire performance of timber must be certified by a notified body, and the applicator should hold certification to this effect. 

The notified body regularly inspects and audits the processes of the applicator. This ensures that the process is being carried out correctly; and that adequate checks and control measures are in place to guarantee consistency of application in line with the relevant certification.

The process

Burnblock® is a 100% natural fire retardant. It is effective on all absorbent materials such as timber and panels and has been certified to the highest European standards.

Burnblock® is applied by high pressure impregnation via autoclave.  This forces the fire retardant deep into the wood, providing a robust envelope of protection.

The timber is then carefully re-dried to the desired end-use moisture content by kilning. 

This process does take some time, and should be taken into account in addition to any standard production lead times for Russwood’s timber products. Please contact Russwood’s sales team for more information on lead times.

Timber cladding ready for the fire retardant process