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SiOO:X Wood Protection eliminates differential weathering, meaning you can achieve a consistently weathered look without the wait. Made from natural and non-toxic ingredients, SiOO:X repels moisture, forming a natural protective barrier to timber cladding.

Consistent weathered finish

Timber, when left uncoated and exposed to the elements, will eventually weather to a silver-grey colour. How quickly and evenly timber weathers is dependent on a variety of factors, including location, aspect and building design. Timber which is sheltered from the elements will take longer to weather, and may result in an uneven or patchy appearance over time. This can take years to even out and in some cases the timber may never weather evenly. SiOO:X eliminates this problem, providing a consistent weathered tone in weeks.

SiOO:X colours

SiOO:X Original is a clear coating which achieves a consistent tone in around 10-16 weeks. For immediate colour, SiOO:X Light Grey or Mid Grey can be applied, giving a consistent weathered look from the onset. All SiOO:X products develop over time, with a final colour being reached after 2-3 years. SiOO:X results in a beautifully even façade, with a consistently weathered appearance.

Testing and development

Russwood are proud to have been collaborating with SiOO:X for a number of years, working with them on a continual programme of testing and product development. We are proud to be SIOO:X’s UK Premier Specification Partners and Distributors.