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SiOO:X Wood Protection eliminates differential weathering, meaning you can achieve a consistently weathered look without the wait. Made from natural and non-toxic ingredients, SiOO:X repels moisture, forming a natural protective barrier to timber cladding.

Consistent weathered finish

Timber, when left uncoated and exposed to the elements, will eventually weather to a silver-grey colour. How quickly and evenly timber weathers is dependent on a variety of factors, including location, aspect and building design. Timber which is sheltered from the elements will take longer to weather, and may result in an uneven or patchy appearance over time. This can take years to even out and in some cases the timber may never weather evenly. SiOO:X eliminates this problem, providing a consistent weathered tone in weeks.

SiOO:X colours

SiOO:X results in a beautifully even façade, with a consistently weathered appearance. It is available in Original (a clear coating) or in pigmented Light Grey and Mid Grey options. A rapid curing process begins upon application; any initial patchiness will fade out over a period of 10-16 weeks, however, Light Grey and Mid Grey will give more immediate colour to the timber. After 2-3 years, the timber is fully cured and a final colour is reached. The result is a consistent weathered tone, achieved years faster than with natural weathering.

Thermopine® With SiOO:X Original, Light Grey & Mid Grey just applied
Thermopine® with SiOO:X Original, Light Grey & Mid Grey – just applied
Thermopine® with SiOO:X Original, Light Grey & Mid Grey - 8 Months Cured
Thermopine® with SiOO:X Original, Light Grey & Mid Grey – 8 Months Cured
Close up photo of Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn timber cladding in Russwoods RW014 profile, factory coated in SiOO:X Light Grey coating
Abodo® Vulcan Flatsawn factory coated in SiOO:X Light Grey – just applied
Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn cladding factory coated in SiOO:X  Light Grey in Russwoods RW014 profile showing SiOO:X coating cured 6 months after installation leaving a silver/ grey appearance
Abodo® Vulcan Flatsawn factory coated in SiOO:X Light Grey – 6 months after installation

Burnblock® Fire Retardant

In a groundbreaking development, we are proud to introduce a new offering: our timber coated with both SiOO:X Wood Protection and Burnblock® Fire Retardant treatment. The integrated Burnblock® and SiOO:X system has undergone comprehensive fire testing under EN 13501-1, and reaches Euroclass B-s1, d0. This innovative combination empowers architects and designers with the versatility to integrate SiOO:X treated timber into diverse structures, enhancing fire performance and unlocking new possibilities for innovative and sustainable design. This system uses a specially developed version of SiOO:X, available with Russwood’s own audited and CE mark certified process for applying the system on fire retardant treated timber.

Testing and development

Russwood are proud to have been collaborating with SiOO:X for a number of years, working with them on a continual programme of testing and product development. We are proud to be SIOO:X’s UK Premier Specification Partners and Distributors.

I was pleased to learn about SiOO:X wood protection as so much cladding looks great when first installed but then weathers un-evenly. It is now 2 ½ years since we used SiOO:X treated larch on the Build It Self Build Education House and I am delighted with how well it has worked – the cladding looks just as great today as when it was first installed.

Calum Taylor, Build It Magazine

Species suitability

The following species are suitable for coating with SiOO:X