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How does SiOO:X work?

SiOO:X Wood Protection gives a consistent weathered appearance to timber cladding. It also forms a natural protective barrier using only natural, non-toxic ingredients. But how does SiOO:X work?

Scotlarch® cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Original | Collective Architecture | Andrew Lee Photography
Scotlarch® cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Original | Collective Architecture | Andrew Lee Photography

Innovative technology

The SiOO:X Wood Protection System is a patented silicon technology. It is applied in two parts; Wood Protector, followed by Surface Protector. The impregnation wood modification system works in the surface layers of the wood. Wood Protector penetrates the wood and Surface Protector seals the wood’s surface.

SiOO:X Wood Protector

Over time, the potassium silicate in the Wood Protector undergoes a curing process by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide, resulting in the formation of a precipitated silica network over time. Precipitated silica forms within the wood cells and bonds with neighbouring silica deposits in both adjacent cells and on the timber surface, to form a flexible and insoluble silica network.

SiOO:X Surface Protector

Surface Protector is specially engineered to bind and work with Wood Protector in synergy, providing protection to the timber surface while the SiOO:X system cures to form the permanent silica network in the wood beneath.  SiOO:X treatment physically toughens the wood surface, while the formation of the silica network provides increased resistance to attack from wood decaying fungi and insects. The silica particles diffract light, contributing to the silvering effect of SiOO:X treatment. 

Natural and non-toxic

SiOO:X Wood Protection System is water based and made from natural, non-toxic ingredients which are biocide and emission free.

Expert View

SiOO:X is a revolutionary surface treatment for timber, marking a significant departure from conventional paint or oil type coating systems. SiOO:X brings significant protective benefits; while offering an attractive, consistent and low maintenance grey finish in a short timeframe. It is an ideal solution for projects aspiring towards a grey or weathered appearance.
Image of Gareth Davies Gareth Davies Head of Technical, R&D