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Quality within our environment

At Russwood we believe that striving for quality paired with an equitable focus on the environmental impact of our product is now a moral imperative. This commitment to the processes that create our high-quality sustainable decking and cladding spring from our engagement with the international standards of ISO Quality 9001 and Environment 14001.  

Ethical sourcing

Quality has always been our goal and this begins with the sourcing of our raw material, timber. Through rigorous due diligence and the requirement for our suppliers to also be FSC/PEFC certified we ensure we only procure and sell ethically and sustainably grown and sourced timber and flooring. Long term relationships with our suppliers who share our commitment to ethical sourcing result in trusted supply and consistent high quality of wood procurement.

Scotlarch® RW014 cladding - Culloden Visitor Center, Inverness | Gareth Hoskins Architects

Quality lifecycle

We view quality itself as the main ingredient in the long-term lifecycle of our products and continued focus on innovative and high-quality fixings to accompany our timber facilitates this. The lifecycle can be extended by the ability to remove and reuse both the fixings and the boards. This helps maintain the inherent quality of our timber as well as the environmental integrity of the product as a whole. Working together with our fixings suppliers to innovate with this in mind encourages new ideas, creates trends and advances our quality and environmental ambitions further into the minds of our customers.

Framework for quality

Within our framework for quality, our dedicated teams are equally committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our production facility faces constant challenges to continually improve in both quality of output and its impact on our climate. Utilising our ISO processes, we monitor all aspects of our manufacturing, with particular focus on the efficient machining and coating of timber, as well as waste management, utilities consumption and equipment maintenance. Examples of improvements that are evidenced by our ISO Quality and Environmental systems are:

  • reduction of timber wastage in production through the use of purposefully efficient machinery
  • the use of water-based paint and coating products
  • use of wood waste to power our biomass boilers which provide heat to dry our coated timber
  • use of electric forklift trucks in place of diesel fuelled
  • solar generated electricity for use in production
  • sawdust recycled through use as natural pet bedding

Experts in their field

As a privately owned and run company for more than 30 years, Russwood is free to adapt, innovate and invest in areas that improve quality of product and service to our customers as well as how we care for our world. Our staff are experts in their fields and enthusiastic and committed to the advancement of our timber products within the built environment.

Thermopine® Cladding Factory Coated with SiOO:X | Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

High-quality offering

We believe that by investing in systems that care for our environment it ultimately leads to a high-quality offering. Sustainable procurement, efficient production and expert training, waste management, lifecycle considerations- these all work together to create a high quality and environmentally sustainable timber product that can be appreciated far into the future.