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Thermally treated pine cladding


Thermopine® is a timber with enhanced stability and durability, produced by thermally modifying Scandinavian grown Scots Pine using only heat and steam. Less substrate movement means a paint coating can last up to three times longer than when applied to non-modified timbers, substantially reducing the maintenance requirement and in turn, the lifetime cost of the product. The advanced, highly controlled modification process results in a reduction of the wood’s tendency to shrink and swell whilst reducing its vulnerability to wood destroying organisms.

At a glance


Scots Pine


Northern Scandinavia

Modified timber

Yes. Scots Pine is modified using only heat and steam. No chemicals or hazardous substances are used.


Heartwood of Scandinavian Scots Pine, thermally modified to create a dimensionally stable timber free from resin. Re-graded in-house to our own exacting standards.


Uncoated boards have a uniform dark honey brown colour which will quickly weather to grey, however due to its superior coating performance, boards are most commonly supplied painted.


Sustainably sourced from well managed forests. PEFC certified.

SiOO:X coating

Can be factory coated in SiOO:X original or pigmented versions, to achieve a weathered look at an accelerated rate.


Exceptional durability (Class 2 - 3 BS EN 350-2) due to thermal modification.


Ideal substrate for factory coating. Commonly painted black, or choose from Russwood’s Standard Colour Guide for more options, it is also suitable also for coating with Woca oil.


Prominent figuring with an abundance of structurally sound live round and splay knots, some of which display cracks and chipped-off edges after machining. An occasional dead knot cannot be ruled out.


Low - classified by BS EN 350-2 as approximately 420 Kg/m³ at a moisture content of approximately 6-8%.

Fire retardant coating

Can be treated with fire retardant.


Suits a variety of project types. Ideal for factory coating due to enhanced dimensional stability.


Thermal treatment results in substantially reduced swelling and shrinking of the timber, reducing dimensional movement by up to 50% making Thermopine® a very stable timber.

Surface finishes

Can be produced in a planed, wire-brushed or Microtex® finish.

See how Thermopine® compares with other species

Expert View

Thanks to thermal treatment, Thermopine® boasts excellent dimensional stability, enhanced durability and absence of resin pockets. These properties make Thermopine® an ideal substrate for coating with our range of Teknos paints, Woca oil or SiOO:X coatings.
Image of Alaister Jeffrey Alaister Jeffrey Commercial Lead

Virtual samples

Browse and compare virtual Thermopine® samples from the comfort of your home or office; the quickest and most sustainable way to view our range of samples. Click on the 3D icon and tilt or zoom to view the texture, grain and colour of the boards or use the highlight feature to see how light and shade affect the aesthetic.

Profile options

Thermopine® can be produced in the following face-fix and secret-fix profiles. We also offer RWB 001, 002 and 003 as stock items.

We offer a limited range of stock profiles, available in select finishes for projects which require a shorter lead time. Please note that additional processes like coatings will extend lead times on these products.

Surface finishes

Learn more about our range of cladding surface finishes; from smooth, planed boards, to textured finishes specifically developed to enhance coating performance.


Planed boards are run through our planing mill to create a smooth, dressed finish.
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Wire brushed

Wire brushing accentuates the grain and creates a beautifully textured surface.
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A fibrous surface finish designed to provide optimal performance of SiOO:X coatings.
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Coated options

Thermopine® can be factory coated in your choice of colour from Russwood’s paint range, or with SiOO:X for a weather appearance at an accelerated rate. Thermopine® can also Fire Retardant treated with Burnblock, but not in combination with another coating.

Painted cladding

A coloured paint finish in opaque and translucent options.
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Woca oil

A coloured finish that allows the natural beauty of timber to shine through.
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SiOO:X Wood Protection eliminates differential weathering and provides a consistently weathered tone.
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Recommended fixings

How timber is fixed is fundamental to its long-term performance in terms of both appearance and durability. These are the recommended fixings for use with Thermopine®.

L-GoFix® A2 Screws

Face fix

Cladding screw for effective fixing and neat detailing.

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Face fix

Compensation strip designed to prevent direct contact between timber elements.

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Russwood Battening System


Environmentally friendly, engineer-assessed, method of fixing timber cladding.

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Secret fix

An innovative secret-fix solution for open rainscreen cladding.

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F-BohrFix® ZB Screws

Secret fix

For optimal fastening of tongue and groove cladding.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is Thermopine® cladding?

Thermopine® starts from £39 per m² excluding VAT. Prices are based on a minimum quantity of 50 m² and coatings add an additional cost of approximately £20-25 per m². Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuating prices of timber and should be used as a guide only. For the most up-to-date prices please contact our sales team.

Can you help with NBS Specification?

Yes, Russwood’s dedicated Architect Liaison Team can assist architects with selecting the best timber cladding species, coatings and fixings for their projects, ensuring both the performance and aesthetic requirements are met. We can also assist with writing the H21 (external timber cladding) National Building Specification (NBS). Find out more about the services we offer to architects.

How do I order Thermopine® cladding?

To receive a quotation or to place an order, get in touch with our Technical Sales Team who will be happy to assist.

Can I order a sample of Thermopine® cladding?

The quickest way and most sustainable way to view cladding samples is to browse our range of Virtual 3D samples. Physical samples can be ordered by contacting our sales team who can assist with selecting the most suitable cladding for your project and send out appropriate samples. 

How does Thermopine® compare to other timber species?

Our handy Cladding Comparison table allows you to compare species information and timber properties at a glance.

Where do you deliver to?

We offer UK wide delivery on all of our products. Please contact our sales team for a quote.