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Russwood’s history: a timeline

A family business to this day, Russwood has a rich industrial history originating in coal distribution. Founded in its current form in 1990, the company has greatly evolved over the decades. As we look back over our company's history, we are proud of who we are today. Our timeline below tells the full story; quality ingrained from the very beginning.

1960 – 1982

The Russell family operates a coal distribution business on the railway sidings at Newtonmore station, where Russwood’s expanded site remains to this day.


Russwood Ltd in its current form is founded by John Russell as a timber supplier, establishing an estate sawmill setup.


Russwood’s timber journey begins by supplying and kiln-drying timber for furniture, doors, sheds, and picnic tables.


Russwood begins producing beams for post and beam construction, receiving the company’s first large contract in creating fencing for The Millennium Forest for Scotland project.

Our founder John Russell standing with cut down timber

John Russell took his first steps into the cladding and decking market, travelling across Europe in search of timber specialists, later partnering with Dutch exporter Bert Huijsman and purchasing the company’s first ‘Artic load’ of timber.

Big mac with our old delivery lorry

Russwood begins producing and supplying Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar cladding, Siberian Larch Decking, and high-quality Oak and Larch flooring.


The first ‘Weinig’ moulder is installed for profile moulding, a big step towards our current range of custom profile options.


Russwood introduces SILA Select® Siberian Larch, a timber with excellent durability properties, attractive figuring and versatility, selected from the highest grades before being re-graded in-house to ensure the highest quality product.


Russwood introduces Scotlarch®, a locally sourced, sustainable, durable and cost-effective cladding solution with a characterful knotty appearance.


The first factory coating line is installed for paint coatings, leading the way for our current painted coatings range.


Russwood introduces Accoya®, a Radiata Pine modified through a non-toxic acetylation process, which is uniformly attractive, consistently durable, dimensionally stable, and sustainable product which will last a lifetime.


Two Biomass boilers are installed at our production facility, producing energy from timber by-products.

A drill and a screw fixing timber cladding

Russwood partners with Austrian timber engineers, SIHGA, to offer a wide range of advanced fixing systems that make timber cladding and decking last longer and look better.

Our Russwood Newtonmore office on a bright sunny day

Russwood moves to its new office premises designed by HRI Architects, with the surrounding site hosting a sawmill, planing mill, and in-house factory coating facility, as well as a flooring showroom and architect-designed cladding and decking display areas.


Russwood expands outside of the Highlands for the first time, establishing Glasgow-based offices at the Glasgow Collective, hosting its expanded SPD and Marketing teams.


Russwood introduces Thermopine®, an exceptionally stable and durable timber produced by thermally modifying Scandinavian-grown Scots Pine.


Russwood is named premium UK specification partner to SiOO:X, an innovative Swedish timber treatment product eliminating differential weathering, repelling moisture, and forming a natural protective barrier to timber cladding.

Our Russwood flooring showroom

Russwood opens its bespoke Flooring showroom, displaying all of our flooring range with sample panels, allowing customers to experience our timber flooring products hands-on.

Architect Liaison Team guiding a tour round our Newtonmore site

Russwood establishes its Architectural Liaison Team (ALT), a dedicated team to focus on architectural specification and enquiries, and now an invaluable asset to our company.


Russwood introduces its interior cladding range, now including Kurowood®, Lunawood Collection and Fired Spruce.

Close-up of Microtex® finish

Russwood launches Microtex®, a fibrous surface finish designed to provide optimal performance of SiOO:X coatings.


Russwood issues new core values and purpose statement to reflect the future path of the company, focusing upon environmental sustainability and minimising our carbon impact.


Russwood partners with Securo to offer Securo Firebreather cavity barriers, an innovative fire retardant measure involving a heat activated intumescent strip within the cavity behind cladding, expanding quickly and limiting the spread of flame in the event of a fire.

Vicky and her lockdown plants

Russwood, like rest of the world, endures the Covid-19 pandemic, downing tools, and closing its door for the first time in its history, with a skeleton team of 11 staff members.


Russwood celebrates 30 years of business (1990-2020), set in bronze through a sculpture by Arthur Watson, sitting upon Russwood Accoya® timber.


Russwood introduces Burnblock® fire retardant treatment, a market-leading solution for the fire retardant treatment of timber which consists of 100% natural ingredients, is 100% biodegradable, and is pH-neutral.


Russwood introduces our Floor Visualiser tool, allowing customers to view, compare and select our flooring in their own homes.

John Russell outside the Newtonmore office

Russwood makes a mark at the COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow, producing tidal markers as part of the Tidal Marker Initiative by the Highlands and Islands Chapter of RIAS.

John Russell and his kids Mike and Naomi at the Russwood saw mill

John Russell’s children Naomi and Michael Russell step up to director level, following in the family’s footsteps and building their careers at Russwood.


Russwood establishes a dedicated R&D and Technical department, focusing on innovating exciting and sustainable timber products for the future.


Russwood partners with Lunawood to introduce Lunawood Collection, based on Scandinavian design combined with the best technical properties of thermally modified wood.


Russwood introduces our Cladding Visualiser tool, in collaboration with Architextures. An app allowing users to combine and preview our timber options, coatings, and profiles, and download them instantly as seamless textures and images that can be tiled repeatedly for use in CAD packages, construction drawings or mood boards.⁠

Charred effect | Kurowood®

Russwood introduces Kurowood®, a modern solution to the pitfalls of real charred timber. Inspired by the traditional Japanese timber charring technique of Yakisugi, Kurowood® provides the intricate aesthetic of charring but with less maintenance and no mess. Kurowood® is produced from thermally modified Scots Pine, which is then embossed and painted matt black.


Russwood introduces Abodo® Vulcan, a premium exterior cladding option and sustainable alternative to old-growth Western Red Cedar. This exceptional cladding option is crafted from thermally modified Radiata Pine – a sustainably sourced, fast-growing timber. Through heat-treatment, the timber gains enhanced stability and durability, which in turn offers optimal coating performance.