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Cladding Products

L-GoFix® A2 Screws

Patented L-GoFix® A2 screws are precision milled from A2 grade stainless steel.

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L-GoFix® MS Screws (Black)

Milled from hardened, 410 grade stainless steel with additional protective SC9® coating.

From £82.09

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F-BohrFix® ZB Screws

F-BohrFix® ZB has been created to provide a secret-fix solution for “tongue and groove” profiled cladding.

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Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank Nails

Grade 304 (A2) Stainless steel offers suitable corrosion protection for most exterior timber cladding.

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Grade 304 Clipped head paper-taped nails

Grade 304 nails have smooth clipped heads and diamond points, which prevent the wood from splitting.

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KompeFix® creates ventilated gaps between timber boards used for cladding and decking.

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FassadenClip® is an innovative solution for a secret-fix system for cladding.

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Securo Firebreather cavity barriers

A two component product consisting of a stainless steel mesh and an intumescent strip.

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FugiFix® FF

FugiFix® FF is a universal joint spacer for Cladding and Decking boards.

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