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GleitFix® secret-fixing system offers a flawless decking aesthetic without visible fixings on exposed board faces. GleitFix® allows for natural wood movement, and enhances timber performance and durability by creating a ventilated gap between the decking boards and substructure which prevents moisture trapping.

The advantages of GleitFix® secret-fix system include eliminating the risk of water traps by over-driven screws; allowing air circulation between the decking boards and the joists and, if ever required, easy replacement of individual decking boards.

The two-component (GleitFix® AE and GleitFix® GF) fixing system is made of reinforced fibre-glass compound originating from space research, therefore extremely heat, frost and UV resistant.

GleitFix® GF 22mm and GleitFix® AE 22mm are suitable for use with board thicknesses of 24mm -29mm.

Thicknesses of 19-23mm or 30mm+ would require different versions of the product which have different sizes of screws enclosed. Please contact our sales/technical team for further information.

The fixing allows for natural expansion and contraction of timber when it reacts to changing relative humidity levels in the atmosphere, preventing the formation of end splits and surface splits.

GleitFix® AE is to be used at the first and last decking boards allowing a neat finish, using the same hardened stainless steel L-BohrFix® screws as GleitFix® GF.