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Transform the look of your interior with Kurowood® interior wall cladding. Inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of Yakisugi, Kurowood® is supplied in a matt black embossed finish to give the appearance of charring, but with less maintenance and no mess. Choose from charred or barred effects to suit the aesthetic of your project.

At a glance


Scots Pine


Northern Scandinavia

Modified Timber

Yes. Scots Pine is modified using only heat and steam. No chemicals or hazardous substances are used.


Heartwood of Scandinavian Scots Pine, thermally modified to create a dimensionally stable timber free from resin. Re-graded in-house to our own exacting standards.


Sustainably sourced from well managed forests. PEFC certified.


Supplied in an embossed finish in either a 'barred' or 'charred' pattern. Displays prominent figuring and an abundance of structurally sound live and splay knots. These as well as the occasional dead knot, add to the characterful appearance of this durable timber.


Low - classified by BS EN 350-2 as approximately 420 Kg/m³ at a moisture content of approximately 6-8%.

Fire Retardant Coating

Not currently suitable for treatment with fire retardant.


Ideal for a variety of project types.


Thermal treatment results in substantially reduced swelling and shrinking of the timber, reducing dimensional movement by up to 50% making Kurowood® a very stable timber.

Surface finishes

Kurowood® is supplied in a matt black embossed finish in your choice of a traditional Charred or modern Barred effect.

Expert View

Biophilic design is on the rise, and while we often see warm natural tones being used for interiors, our Kurowood® Interior Cladding brings a striking and bold feature to any environment. The traditional Japanese technique, known as Yakisugi, offers a charred or barred aesthetic, without the mess!
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Profile options


Tongue and groove
Standard widths: 92mm / 117mm
Standard thickness: 20mm

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Surface finishes

Barred effect

A 'horizontal band-sawn' pattern is embossed into the boards to create an industrial look.
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Charred effect

A 'charred' pattern is embossed into the boards to create a textured surface.
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Recommended fixings

How timber is fixed is fundamental to it’s long term performance in terms of both appearance and durability. We recommend using any of the fixings below.

F-BohrFix® ZB Screws

Secret fix

For optimal fastening of tongue and groove cladding.

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L-GoFix® A2 stainless steel screws

Face fix

Cladding screw for effective fixing and neat detailing.

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Russwood Battening System


Environmentally friendly, engineer-assessed, method of fixing timber cladding.

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