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Fired Spruce

Thermal treatment of the Spruce brings out a beautiful caramel colour in the wood.

The randomly formed Fired Spruce creates a flowing irregular wall panel that allows designers to apply a rugged natural finish.

The thermal treatment of the Spruce brings out a beautiful caramel colour in the wood and the brushing accentuates the grain therefore highlighting the contrast in the surface detail. Only after thermal treatment at 212 degrees centigrade do these Spruce boards show off their wonderful hues and demonstrate impressive durability. The brushed surface leaves beautiful figuring on the surface.

The individual pieces can be applied in any order, helping you to create a bespoke finish every time. A textured surface creates shadows and highlights that contrast with the grain pattern and creates opportunities for interesting lighting effects.

Commercially, Fired Spruce adds dimension to shopping or office spaces, breaking up surfaces and adding to the visual balance through three dimensional form. Homes and living spaces will be transformed by the warmth and form of a natural product.

The pieces of timber are various set sizes and therefore when they are arranged, a unique 3 dimensional look emerges. The pieces are easily arranged against a hidden frame, as each piece of varying dimension, shown opposite, is tongue and groove on all four sides.

Each pack comes with the set dimensions of:

Pieces Thickness Width Length
1 19 122 1100
1 19 61 1100
2 19 61 550
2 19 122 550
1 27 122 1100
1 27 61 1100
2 27 61 550
2 27 122 550

Total coverage of one pack = 0.8 sqm.