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A range of charred effect, black interior wall cladding.

Transform the look of your interior with Kurowood® interior wall cladding. Inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of Yakisugi, Kurowood® is painted matt black to give the appearance of charring, but with less maintenance and no mess. Choose from charred or barred effects to suit the aesthetic of your project.

Kurowood® appearance

Created out of a need for a durable black interior cladding product, but without the pitfalls of traditional charring, Russwood have developed Kurowood®. Unlike real charred timber, Kurowood® doesn’t chip or fade and it won’t stain clothes or furniture.

To create Kurowood®, Thermopine® cladding is hot embossed before being coated in a matt black paint, resulting in an authentic charred look that lasts. As a sustainable, thermally modified timber which boasts enhanced stability and durability, Thermopine® is ideal for interior use and more importantly for applying paint coatings.

Apply the easy-to-install tongue and groove boards vertically or horizontally to create a variety of looks. Do a small section or a whole room. From hallways to bathrooms, living spaces or offices, Kurowood® can transform the look of your interior with a stunning aesthetic that is designed to last.


Created by hot embossing a unique pattern to the surface of the timber. The striking ‘crackled’ charcoal finish adds a three-dimensional effect and is similar to a traditional yakisugi pattern.


A barred finish is hot embossed onto the timber creating a ‘criss-cross’ band sawn pattern. This contemporary twist on traditional charring has a characterful, rugged appearance.


Kurowood® sizes

Our range of Kurowood® cladding options are available in the following sizes:


20mm (thick) x 107mm


Between 3 – 5.1m

Recommended fixings

How timber is fixed is fundamental to it’s long term performance in terms of both appearance and durability. Russwood recommend using F-BohrFix® ZB for optimal secret-fixing of tongue and groove.

DimensionsSec.componentCharacteristic Values
F-BohrFix® ZBADTensile force F1 [kN]
d1 x L[mm]Head Thread
3.2 x 40160.120.34
3.2 x 50160.120.34

Kurowood® prices

Prices for our Kurowood® interior cladding starts at £77.30 per m2 excluding VAT.