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The FassadenClip® is an innovative solution for architects looking to specify a secret-fix system for cladding. It has been developed specifically for the open rainscreen profile RW014 in widths from 57mm up to 95mm. The FassadenClip® creates a free flow of air between the back face of the cladding board and the vertical batten, enhancing ventilation and thereby improving the performance of timber. By secret fixing, the front faces of the façade boards are left fully intact which enhances longevity of a coated finish.

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The FassadenClip® comes with L-BohrFix® FB screws (17mm) for fastening the boards to the battens. FassadenClip® is supplied in boxes of 300. 

The 17mm screws which comes with the Fassaden Clip® are suitable for use with board thicknesses 19-23mm.

The 115mm x 17mm  FassadenClip® for board widths 57 – 68mm.

The 145mm x 17mm FassadenClip® for board widths 81 – 95mm.

Board thicknesses of 24mm+ would require different versions of the product which have different sizes of screws enclosed. These versions can be sourced direct from the manufacturer on a case by case basis, contact our sales/technical team for further information.


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