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Grade 304 Clipped head paper-taped nails

These grade 304 (A2) stainless steel, annular ring shank nails can be used in a wide variety of nail guns and are suitable for most timber cladding installations.  Please check compatibility with your own model of nail gun prior to purchase. Similar to all of the other nails we offer, the grade 304 (A2) stainless steel provides inherent corrosion protection for most exterior timber cladding applications, ensuring that the nails will withstand the test of time, and outperform most other fastener types.

Special applications in close proximity to salt water or chlorine rich environments (eg swimming pools) should opt for a marine grade (grade A4 / 316 ) stainless steel fixing.

These nails have smooth clipped heads and diamond points, which prevent the wood from splitting. Additionally, annular ring shank threads give superior resistance to withdrawal than standard smooth shank nails, ensuring they do not work their way loose over time.

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Product Details

Supplied in boxes of 1000 in the following sizes;

  • 51 x 2.9mm
  • 60 x 2.9mm
  • 76 x 3.0mm