A touch of silver: introducing SiOO:X

Head of Technical, R&D

Here at Russwood we’re thrilled to have been named premium UK specification partners to SiOO:X, the innovative new Swedish timber treatment product. SiOO:X is a Silicon technology coating with water repelling benefits that provides an accelerated rate of weathering to give a brighter grey weathered look. It’s the perfect solution to the uneven timber colour that can occur over time due to the location and design of a building, or the grade and species of timber. With SiOO:X, whether the timber is under extended eaves, on a sheltered elevation or in a recessed position, the timber will evenly ‘silver out’ over time.

The technology has been very successful in Sweden so we decided to road test it for ourselves. We are committed to providing innovative and quality products and communicating technical knowledge based on solid facts, so we often carry out testing and research right here at our Newtonmore sawmill.

We started testing SiOO:X at Russwood in May 2015, with the aim of exploring the effects of orientation and weathering on several facades of our biomass boiler house. The South West façade (the most demanding in Scotland) was left untreated as a control for the test. The cladding is a traditional layout of board on board, 22×150 Scotlarch®.

The South façade, in the same layout, was divided in two, the left side untreated, the right side treated in SiOO:X, the North East face was divided similarly, this time the left side with the SiOO:X treated and the right side untreated. We repeated the test on several species of timber, including Scotlarch® and Siberian larch.

The results spoke for themselves: the areas treated with SiOO:X maintained an overall consistency in aesthetic appearance, unaltered by roof overhangings and different orientations. SiOO:X delivered even colouration and consistent aesthetic symmetry across all the areas of timber exposed to moisture, wind and UV light.

SiOO:X has already proved a hit with several of our clients, and was selected for CH Architecture’s new visitor centre at the Falls of Shin and Azure Architecture’s striking modern residential build, Oaklands. For more information on the benefits and properties of SiOO:X and how to apply it, click here. And look out for further case studies showcasing this exciting new product.

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