Delivering excellence: why our delivery service sets us apart

Haulage and Logistics Supervisor

Whether your project is nestled in a remote corner of Skye or amidst the bustling streets of London, Russwood’s delivery service ensures your timber cladding and flooring arrive safely and conveniently, right to your doorstep. Our Haulage and Logistics Supervisor, Kelsey Orr, shares the ins and outs of how it all works and tells us why our delivery service sets us apart in this blog.

Our Russwood lorry

At Russwood, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to meet our customers’ delivery requirements. One of the main things that sets us apart is the fact that we have our own lorries. Unlike many other suppliers who rely on third-party transport services, having our own dedicated vehicles offers many advantages that directly benefit our customers.

The process begins once your order is ready for packing. Before an order leaves our site, our team take great care to pack it with protective wrapping, forming boxed protectors around our coated cladding orders for additional protection. This ensures your timber order is fully protected from potential damage and arrives onsite in pristine condition.

Meet one of our friendly delivery drivers!

Once your order is packed and ready to go, our haulage team will arrange a suitable delivery day for you. When your timber is on its way, one of our friendly drivers, like ‘Big Mac,’ will contact so you know when to expect them. Our drivers will have been briefed on any access restrictions on-site in advance – something they are well versed in handling – to ensure a smooth delivery experience. Big Mac alone has travelled well over a million miles during his time with us, earning praise from customers for his precise driving skills, unwavering helpfulness, and the big smiles he brings to their faces!

Our delivery service covers the whole of the UK and our drivers have delivered from remote corners of the Scottish Highlands, all the way to the most Southern points in Cornwall. All our orders come direct from site, straight to the customer, meaning there is no risk of damage with transferring between trucks.

Big Mac our delivery driver
Big Mac our delivery driver
Mackie's delivery service

Efficient delivery service UK wide

For deliveries in Scotland, we have a 12 tonne, 10 meter flat bed unit, which is perfect for navigating tight city streets and rural Scottish areas which an articulated lorry might find difficult to get to.

Customers don’t need to worry about handballing or having to pay for a means of off-loading as we take care of it all. Our lorry is equipped with a HIAB crane which ensures fast and efficient off-loading, minimising the risk of damage to your timber. It also means we can drop your order exactly where you need it, saving you time and hassle.

For deliveries in England, we have an 8 wheel flat bed unit trailer, which is operated by our delivery partner, Mackies. This is a bigger vehicle, which allows us to deliver large orders straight to site. The trailer can also be dropped, allowing for easier access when there are restrictions. Like our other lorry, this one also has a HIAB crane meaning we take care of the handballing and off-loading, saving the customer time and money, with the reach of the crane allowing customers to have their order placed in the most suitable place for them. 

At Russwood, we are committed to delivering excellence in every sense. With our dedicated lorries, meticulous attention to packing and protective measures, and friendly, knowledgeable drivers, we ensure that your timber cladding and flooring arrive safely and smoothly, every time.

To enquire about using our timber on your next project, contact our sales team here.

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