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As interior trends evolve, Russwood are experiencing a growing demand for interior cladding products. We offer a diverse range of timber cladding tailored for internal wall decoration, which can be used in both commercial environments and residential spaces. In this blog, our Flooring and Interior Cladding Sales Manager, Thea takes us through the options for incorporating interior wall cladding into your project.

What are the benefits of interior timber cladding?

As well as the obvious aesthetic benefits, interior cladding succeeds in bringing biophilic benefits to the buildings occupants. The biophilic design principle, which connects people more closely to nature – by using wood indoors for example – has been proven to improve mental health and wellbeing as well as being a great way to introduce warmth and texture to the environment. Whether timber is used to clad entire walls and ceilings, or simply to create a feature in a small area, it can have a large impact on the design of your project.

Lunawood Collection | Luna triple
Lunawood Collection | Luna Triple

Lunawood Collection

One of our most popular offerings is the Lunawood Collection, a range of Scandinavian designed interior cladding which is suited to contemporary interior spaces. Crafted from the heartwood of Nordic Pine and Spruce, Lunawood is a thermally modified timber which is dimensionally stable and free from resin. This unique composition not only ensures durability but also guarantees an eco-friendly option for interior cladding solutions. Versatile tongue and groove profiles mean that the Lunawood Collection can be used in a variety of ways to create a unique interior aesthetic.

We have three options within the collection: Luna Triple, Luna Trio and the Luna Panel System, each designed to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements. With golden tones and large butterfly knots, the Lunawood Collection gives a stunning, modern warmth to any room. Whether you are after a touch of Scandinavian minimalism or a cosy retreat reminiscent of Nordic cabins, the Lunawood Collection can elevate your project to new heights of luxury.

Kurowood®: our alternative to charred timber cladding  

Another of our interior cladding ranges is Kurowood®, our thermally modified Scots Pine, finished with a matt black coating. Inspired by the ancient Japanese craft of Yakisugi, each panel is embossed in a unique pattern to give the appearance of charred wood, offering a modern twist on traditional techniques.

Kurowood® allows you to create a striking feature wall that effortlessly complements a wide range of architectural styles and interior designs. Available in two effects – charred and barred – each have their own distinct characteristics. The barred effect uses a horizontal ‘band-sawn’ pattern, creating an industrial, modern vibe, while charred involves a more textured, authentic surface reminiscent of the Japanese technique. Kurowood® allows you to transform ordinary spaces with a dimensionally stable, mess-free alternative to charred timber cladding.

Kurowood Barred
Kurowood® Barred
Douglas Fir Flooring used as interior cladding
Douglas Fir Flooring used as interior cladding

Flooring used as interior cladding

The third option is to use any of our flooring species for interior cladding, be that European Oak, European Mountain Larch or Douglas Fir. The options really are endless in terms of colours, finishes, widths and styles, meaning that the perfect match is available for architects and domestic clients alike. From the crisp, clean whites of our Douglas Fir to the rich, honeyed golden hues of our oak flooring, each collection is beautifully unique, enabling you to select the cladding which complements your project vision and elevates any room.

How to fix your interior cladding

All products in our interior cladding range can be fixed to the walls using a simple batten system. A clever secret fix through the tongue of the boards avoids the need to face fix and the next board easily slots on top with the tongue and groove interlocking. Alternatively, an adhesive could be used to fix the supporting wall. Russwood have a dedicated team of Interior cladding experts, who are happy to talk through your specific requirements.

Find out more about Russwood’s interior cladding range by getting in touch with one of our Technical Experts.

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