From fire breather to fire retardant specialist

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This month’s 'Meet the team' blog features our Technical & Project Development Advisor Gareth Davies. Danielle caught up with Gareth to find out a bit more about him and how he went from fire breather to Russwood’s fire retardant specialist.

The fire specialist

Gareth was born in Newtonmore, and although his family moved away from the village in 1991, they always kept close connections with the area. When Gareth was 18, he decided to move to the city and Glasgow became his home for 10 years. In Glasgow, he spent time working in the hospitality industry and also moonlighted performing and teaching circus and fire performance arts, which has been a big passion of his since a young age. During his time in the ‘big smoke’ he met his partner, and in 2014 they decided to return to Gareth’s roots by moving back to Newtonmore.

Gareth fire breathing - meet the team blog
Gareth the fire breather
Gareth, John and PJ with partners SiOO:X

Technical wizard

In 2016 Gareth started his Russwood career in the role of Cladding Sales Advisor, very quickly becoming an asset to the Russwood team. He began testing new products at our in-house research and development centre, as well as working closely with partners such as SIHGA and SiOO:X; ensuring we stay at the forefront of the latest innovations and offer the best solutions and systems possible. Being the technical wizard of the company, he is the main correspondent with these suppliers. 

Gareth is continually building on his in-depth understanding of timber as a material, its many forms and uses in the building and construction industry. He shares this vast knowledge with customers, providing technical advice on fire retardants, coating compatibility, knowledge of EN standards, structures & building codes, certifications and technical information on our timber cladding and decking products and systems.

Wood Science and Timber Technology

Gareth recently completed his studies with TFT Woodexperts Ltd, achieving a Level 4 Certificate in Wood Science and Timber Technology. Not only did he pass the exam with flying colours – TFT Woodexperts confirmed, he had the ‘highest score in the course history’ – well done Gareth, we aren’t overly shocked!

With fire in his belly – Gareth is heading down south for a 3 day training course with the Fire Protection Association in the near future. The course will further expand his knowledge of constructional fire protection, the relevant regulations and standards, and the applications of passive and active fire suppression systems in building design.

Gareth Davies with his TFT Timber Certificate
Well done Gareth!
Family days at the beach
Family days at the beach

Creative, curious and loyal

It’s not all about work… When Gareth gets ‘free time’ he enjoys spending it with his partner and their 3 young children. In 3 words – Gareth’s partner describes him as ‘creative, curious and loyal’. Being a hobbyist woodworker enthusiast, he takes on many DIY projects at home. Unfortunately, his fire and circus arts have taken a back seat for a while, but he’s looking forward to teaching their kids when they are old enough.

If you think you have what it takes to join Gareth and the rest of the Russwood team, check out our careers page.

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