Securo international sales conference in Estonia

Head of Technical, R&D

At Russwood, our commitment to safety and innovation has led us on a journey to explore the cutting-edge of passive fire protection in timber cladding systems. Managing Director, John Russell, and I went on a trip to Tallin, Estonia, to attend an international sales conference hosted by Securo, a Norwegian-based passive fire protection manufacturer. Read on to find out more about our visit and the Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier.

Our relationship with Securo

Russwood proudly serves as a distributor of Securo’s products in the UK, including the Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier. Our visit to Tallin offered an opportunity to showcase Russwood’s dedication to fire safety and the ways in which Securo’s innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with our cladding systems and recommended accessories.

The Russwood Thermopine® battening system, designed with the Securo Cavity Barrier in mind, highlights our commitment to user-friendly, specifier-and architect-centric solutions. It’s a testament to our shared vision with Securo, where timber cladding, with its ventilated cavity, meets passive fire protection head-on.

Head of Technical, Gareth, presenting at the Conference
Presenting at the Conference in Estonia
Russwood battening system x Securo Cavity Barrier
Russwood battening system with Securo Cavity Barrier

The importance of ventilated cavity barriers

Timber cladding is recognised for its natural aesthetics and durability. However, when installing timber cladding, it’s essential to maintain a ventilated cavity behind it. This cavity serves multiple purposes, including moisture dissipation and ensuring adequate ventilation for the cladding to dry out properly.

To safeguard against the spread of fire within this cavity, intumescent ventilated cavity barriers are installed at key points.

In the event of a fire, the heat-activated intumescent strip expands, effectively sealing off the cavity and containing the spread of flames behind the cladding.

Securo Firebreather: a leap in fire safety

The Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier takes this concept of passive fire protection one step further, by including a stainless steel mesh component. The mesh component acts to interrupt the flow of hot gases, arresting the flame and preventing the passage of sparks and burning embers while the intumescent strip deploys to seal the cavity.

The product provides an additional layer of safety compared to conventional intumescent “strip only” type cavity barriers which take time to expand and seal the cavity. This delay can allow the passage of sparks and flames for 1-2 minutes until the intumescent material is fully deployed.

Good to know: The Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier boasts EI30 classification under EN1366-4, indicating a 30-minute fire resistance rating. Additionally, it carries certification under ASTM 2912, a standard that addresses the performance of the component under sudden flame impingement.

Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier
Russwood Battening System with Securo

The easy installation and versatility of Securo

Securo Cavity Barriers can be installed with ease, whilst ensuring proper drainage and ventilation of the cavity. What’s more, the Securo Firebreather also doubles as an effective vermin mesh. This means that in areas where Securo FB is fitted, standard insect mesh can be omitted, saving time and money.

In summary, our partnership with Securo represents a commitment to raising the bar in fire safety for timber cladding systems. We’re dedicated to delivering products and solutions that not only meet aesthetic and functional expectations but also prioritize safety and performance. The Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier is a testament to this shared vision, offering a leap forward in passive fire protection.

Socialising with team Securo
Networking with team Securo

If you are interested in specifying the use of our Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier on your next project, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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