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Securo Firebreather cavity barriers

Timber cladding is installed with a ventilated cavity behind it, in order to allow moisture dissipation and ensure adequate ventilation of the cladding façade. To prevent the spread of fire within the cavity, intumescent ventilated cavity barriers can be installed at key points, and are required by building codes.  In the event of a fire the heat activated intumescent strip expands quickly, sealing off the cavity and limiting the spread of flame behind the cladding.  

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Securo Firebreather Cavity Barriers   £34.34


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  • Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier is a two component product consisting of a stainless steel mesh and an intumescent strip.  The mesh works to immediately inhibit the spread of fire while the heat activated intumescent strip expands and fully blocks the cavity.
  • These cavity fire barriers are easy to install, and do not interfere with the free movement of air under normal conditions. 
  • Securo Firebreather Cavity Barrier is classed as EI30 under EN1366, meaning the component has a 30mins fire resistance rating.  Securo Firebreather also carries certification under ASTM 2912, which addresses the performance of the component under sudden flame impingement.

  • Securo Firebreather is sold in lengths of 1130mm, for ease of use in support batten systems based on 400 or 600 centres.


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