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KompeFix® offsets timber cladding and decking from the substructure creating a ventilated gap between the timber elements. This prevents moisture trapping and allows for timber to move when it reacts to the changing relative humidity levels in the atmosphere.

A well ventilated structure will increase the durability of a façade or deck by allowing the timber to dry out quickly and completely between wetting cycles. Additionally KompeFix® is designed to compensate for the natural swelling and shrinking of the timber. The result is optimal stability and enhanced durability of the timber elements.

KompeFix® can be used for both vertical and horizontal cladding arrangements. For horizontal cladding, KompeFix® strips are simply fixed to the vertical batten whilst for vertical cladding it should be fixed on the upper edge of the horizontal batten to ensure that a water trap is not created. KompeFix® creates a gap between the timber elements, enhancing ventilation and therefore improving durability. For fast assembly, KompeFix® is provided in rolls of 4.5 metres.

For decking, in addition to improving ventilation and durability, KompeFix® prevents two hard surfaces being in direct contact thereby enhancing walking comfort on the deck. We recommend KompeFix® alongside our L-GoFix® A2 screws for sharp, effective detailing.