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Quarry Road

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Health and wellbeing are at the heart of North Ayrshire Council’s vision for the regeneration of Irvine town centre, and its new development on Quarry Road provides a striking welcome. Designed by Anderson Bell + Christie Architects with Clark Contracts being the main contractor, the building provides office spaces for a local leisure company, and will be coupled with sports and leisure facilities in future phases. The masterplan will provide safe landscaped routes to the local park and town centre.

SILA Select® in profile RW014 (95x20mm) | Anderson Bell + Christie Architects | Andrew Lee Photography
SILA Select® in profile RW014 (95x20mm)

Natural light

The design of the building developed from its massing, with a sloping roof designed to create large and dynamic internal spaces which possess an abundance of natural light and ventilation. The building’s orientation to the north allows for ambient natural light and provides a south-facing area of roof for Photovoltaic panels.

Larch louvres

Russwood’s SILA Select® grade Siberian Larch was selected in rhomboid shaped profile RW014 for the vertical and horizontal cladding, providing a high quality and cost effective material that softens the brickwork, adding a rich textured finish that is enhanced by matching larch louvres and glulam fins. Finally, Russwood’s innovative secret fix Fassadenclip® provides flexibility, allowing the cladding to be removed and repositioned should the building need to be extended, and giving a sleek seamless finish.

SILA Select® in profile RW014 (95x20mm) | Anderson Bell + Christie Architects
SILA Select® in profile RW014 (95x20mm)

Russwood visited our office in Glasgow to discuss the project, which was very helpful. The process of looking at samples and discussing ideas in person greatly assisted the design process. They provided invaluable technical support throughout, in the form of detailing advice and specifications. It was great to know that their advice and support was just a phone call away.

Anderson Bell + Christie Architects

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SILA Select® Siberian Larch

SILA Select® Siberian Larch cladding is a popular choice due to its versatility & excellent durability.
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