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GleitFix® AE

The advantages of GleitFix® secret-fix system include eliminating the risk of water traps by over-driven screws; allowing air circulation between the decking boards and the joists and, if ever required, easy replacement of individual decking boards.

The two-component (GleitFix® AE and GleitFix® GF) fixing system is made of reinforced fibre-glass compound originating from space research, therefore extremely heat, frost and UV resistant.

GleitFix® AE can also be used with the SenoFix® FT system for edge fixing.

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GleitFix® AE (24 per box)   £59.21


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Product Details

GleitFix® AE is supplied in boxes of 24. 

GleitFix® AE 22mm and GleitFix® GF 22mm are suitable for use with board thicknesses of 24mm -29mm.

Thicknesses of 19-23mm or 30mm+ would require different versions of the product which have different sizes of screws enclosed. We would source these versions specially on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales/technical team for further information.