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SenoFix® FT

Only suitable for use with our RW215/RW214 Thermopine® decking.

SenoFix® FT significantly increases the lifespan of your decking and provides a fixing-free face and therefore a clean, refined surface. The risk of unsightly overdriven screws and resulting water traps are eliminated.

The advantages of the SenoFix® FT include allowing air circulation between the decking boards and the joists, and faster installation time. Our experience has shown the decking is approximately 50% faster to install with SenoFix® FT than conventional face fixing methods.

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SenoFix® FT Holz (100 per box)    £118.58


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Product Details

  • Made from SIHGAMID® – an extremely durable reinforced fibre-glass compound, which is highly resistant to UV and frost damage
  • Creates a ventilation gap of 8mm between the deck board and the substructure joist element
  • Sets an automatic space of 7mm between deck boards when fitted.


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