2020 flooring inspiration

Flooring & Interior Cladding Sales Manager

Russwood's flooring team visits Domotex 2020 in Germany to gain new flooring inspiration.

At the start of the year Russwood gave myself and Naomi from the flooring team the fantastic opportunity to head out to Domotex 2020 in Hanover, Germany. It was an exciting trip which allowed us to seek out new trends and innovating products that are being offered internationally. The show was spread across four days and held in thirteen halls spanning handmade rugs and carpets to textile floor coverings and wooden flooring. To give you an idea of the size of these halls, we spent two full days there and only completed two sections – it’s huge! 

In previous years we have seen traditional colours and patterns dominating the show, however this year was slightly different; Geometric shapes and texture seemed to take over. There were lots of very detailed designs combining wood and other materials – some floors incorporated Murano glass and marble, while other intricate patterns were distinguished by brass strips. As well as the modern shapes and wide, long boards, we noticed a lot of rustic and reclaimed products.

Unique metallic and jet-black colours also made an appearance with manufacturers showcasing these hand oiled products, created using reactive stains and charring. In some cases, eight different oils are applied to create their own exclusive colour and product.

Craftsmen demonstrating their inspiring flooring products at Domotex 2020, Germany.
Inspiring three dimensional wall cladding found at Domotex 2020 in Germany.
Three dimensional wall cladding

At Russwood, we have seen a recent demand for interior timber wall cladding, a trend which was reflected at Domotex. This year the show had a section called ‘Atmyshere’ which was dedicated to sustainability and ‘well-being’, encouraging the use of natural materials within the home and commercial projects. Three dimensional boards were being demonstrated to show the vast possibilities of timber for decorative effect for internal walls. Cork was also promoted as a versatile and eco-efficient option for wall cladding… and baths!

The trip to Domotex was really interesting and we’re back in Scotland buzzing with ideas for the future! Visit Russwood’s flooring and interior wall cladding pages to find out more or contact one of the flooring team.

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