Clean lines, bold designs: 5 of our favourite contemporary timber cladding projects

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In the realm of architectural innovation, timber offers endless possibilities for creativity while meeting the ever increasing requirement for sustainability. Architects today are redefining the boundaries of design by utilising the versatility of timber to create unique and contemporary structures which stand out amidst the architectural landscape. With their crisp, clean lines and bold designs, these are five of our favourite contemporary timber cladding projects which harmoniously mix form with function, and showcase innovative timber design in architecture.

Ferry House

This stunning bespoke home, near Salisbury was designed by AR Design Studio and is comprised of three wings, each with a pitched roof which is wider and taller at the ends than in the centre. SILA Select® Siberian Larch in RW014 profile has been used to great effect, installed vertically on both the external walls and roof, reinforcing the sculptural geometry of the unique design. The uniform finish of the timber was achieved by factory coating the timber with SiOO:X, to ensure that all elevations and particularly covered areas such as the recessed balconies, would take adopt a consistent colour and avoid unsightly differential weathering. A Microtex® surface finish was applied before the SiOO:X coating to ensure maximum penetration and coverage of the SiOO:X.

Products used: 100 x 25mm SILA Select® Siberian Larch with Microtex® finish, factory coated with SiOO:X Mid Grey

Photography: Martin Gardner Photography

Escapade Silverstone

Designed by Twelve Architects for Escapade Living, this high-spec development started out with a simple, yet bold idea to design the ultimate experience for motorsport enthusiasts. Comprising 60 exclusive residences, many boasting unparalleled trackside views, alongside a luxurious clubhouse, this development redefines luxury living. The trackside residences are created from two box-like structures, cleverly skewed at an angle inspired by the power of one racing car slipstreaming another into an overtake. Lunawood Collection Cladding was chosen for its stability and durability and has been vertically installed in a unique configuration to create visual interest. A SiOO:X Mid Grey coating ensures a predictable and consistent finish, eliminating differential weathering regardless of the timber’s elevation, a key consideration for this high profile location.

Products used: Lunawood Collection Cladding, factory coated with SiOO:X Light Grey

Photography & CGIs: David Barbour Photography & Escapade Living

Cardrona Cabin

With the decline in availability of Western Red Cedar, Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain is emerging as the ultimate alternative, and when you look at this project you can see why it’s so popular. Designed by Assembly Architects as a showcase for Abodo, Cardrona Cabin is a relatively simple structure with a striking visual effect. Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding has been installed on the façade and the roof in a narrow 61mm width vertical open rainscreen arrangement and secret fixed for a flawless finish. The vertical grain combined with the enhanced stability of this thermally modified timber is what makes it possible to achieve the sharp, clean lines of this build. A SiOO:X coating has been applied to ensure the colour of the timber is consistent on all aspects.

Products used: Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain Cladding coated with SiOO:X

Photography: Simon Devitt Photography & Chris Lea Photography

Private home in Broadstairs

In this one-off bespoke seaside home in Broadstairs, ON Architecture has created something truly special. Utilising a range of materials to create contrast and visual interest, the design seamlessly integrates timber cladding, stone, and Cor-ten cladding. The vertically installed timber cladding, is itself a contrast to the building’s horizontal form, and accentuates the structure’s modern aesthetic. Meticulously detailed, the vertical boards create sharp, sleek lines, further enhanced by precise installation using L-GoFix® screws. The cladding was factory coated with SiOO:X Mid Grey, which gives a uniform grey hue, particularly impactful in areas like the recessed balcony, which would otherwise be prone to differential weathering.

Products used: SILA Select® Siberian Larch factory coated with SiOO:X Mid Grey, fixed with L-GoFix®

Photography: Richard Gooding Photography

Temple Farm

As a timber with an abundance of knots, you might not expect to find Thermopine® on a list of ‘crisp and clean’ projects, however, this innovative project in Chelmsford is an excellent example of what can be achieved with this durable thermally modified timber. Designed in-house by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, the building features vertical timber fins, arranged to mimic the natural tree lines, which not only harmonise with the landscape but also create shadow play and texture as sunlight moves across them throughout the day. The enhanced stability of the thermally modified timber is what makes this unique design possible. The building was also coated with SiOO:X to achieve a consistent colour throughout the design. The addition of L-GoFix® screw fixings in A2 grade stainless steel offer clean, consistent detailing that does not break the flow of the curved designs.

Products used: Thermopine® cladding, factory coated with SiOO:X

Photography: Watch Tower & Bible Tract Society

If you are looking to use timber cladding on your next project, get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you with selecting the best species and finish to achieve your design goals.

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