Douglas fir flooring: captivating beauty and Scandinavian aesthetic

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With its pale Scandinavian design, subtle wavy flame figuring and exceptional lengths, the latest addition to our flooring range is something really special. We are thrilled to now offer Douglas fir, a species our customers have long asked for. Company Director and former Flooring Team Manager, Naomi Russell tells us more about Douglas fir flooring and the reasons why it's the perfect choice for premium commercial and domestic projects in this blog.

Douglas fir flooring

What makes it so special?

Our Douglas fir flooring is not just beautiful; it’s also a responsible and sustainable choice. Sourced from our specialist supplier in Europe, from well-managed forests, it is in-keeping with our environmental values here at Russwood. This species, native to North America, now grows sustainably in Europe. Our European Douglas Fir has PEFC and FSC® certification, ensuring it is responsibly sourced.

We have been working to launch our engineered Douglas fir product for a long time, and are excited to finally be sharing it with you all. It was important to us that our offering was engineered as opposed to solid, to ensure its suitability for all sorts of projects, including compatibility with underfloor heating. Boards are machined precisely and thoughtfully, from selection all the way to site. Douglas fir in more rustic grades is used for the bottom layer, minimising waste and ensuring that every bit of the material is put to good use.

In general, engineered flooring is a much more practical choice, due to the increased stability which is particularly important when working with exceptional widths – making engineered Douglas fir a sensible design choice.

Douglas Fir Flooring used as interior wall cladding
Douglas fir flooring used as wall cladding
Douglas Fir flooring
Douglas fir flooring

Aesthetic appeal

Douglas fir embodies Scandinavian elegance, with a design that emanates a pale, airy and light feel. This distinct aesthetic choice captures the essence of Scandinavian interior design, which is renowned for its simplicity, functionality, and an overall sense of spaciousness.

The boards are classified as “clear grade”, with some small, discreet knots, adding character to the flooring. In instances where larger knots have been present, hand-crafted dowels have been skilfully incorporated to ensure a flawless finish.

Thanks to the impressive heights and diameters of Douglas fir trees, we can also supply custom lengths for specific projects. This allows designers of feature spaces to create a seamless, show stopping design with minimal joins.

If you would like to view our Douglas fir flooring in person, plan a visit to our showroom at our head office in Newtonmore, where we’ve used it as internal cladding.


Low-maintenance beauty

Our Douglas fir boards are thoughtfully prefinished with hardwax oil. Our Signature White finish neutralises the natural pink hue of Douglas fir whilst enhancing the tonal contrast between early and latewood. The several layer hardwax finish protects the floor and simplifies the maintenance process.

With its aesthetic appeal, eco-friendly procurement, and engineered construction, Douglas Fir is the perfect choice to elevate your space.

Douglas Fir Flooring
Douglas fir flooring used as wall cladding

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If you are interested in Douglas fir, you can have a conversation about design intentions and project requirements with our friendly Flooring Team, this is the best way to ensure you are specifying the most suitable product for your project.

Get in touch with our Sales Team to find out more!

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Douglas Fir Flooring

With generous lengths and a width of 350mm, Douglas fir is designed to span entire rooms seamlessly.
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