5 things to consider when choosing the right flooring for your home

Flooring & Interior Cladding Supervisor

Flooring Supervisor, Thea Jones, has over 6 years of experience in helping homeowners, architects and interior designers choose the perfect flooring for their projects. Recently, Thea has been able to put her experience to good use as she and her partner embarked on their own self-build journey. In this blog, Thea talks us through the things to consider when choosing a floor, and the choices she opted for in her new home. 

Select Honey Oak Flooring
Select Honey Oak Flooring

1. Think texture

Texture is an aspect that is commonly overlooked, but can really help how flooring wears in certain environments. Something textured, like Brushed or Authentic Oak, can be forgiving. If you are concerned about kids, pets, or general wear and tear, scuffs and scratches can appear more subtle on a floor where texture already exists. In my own home, I opted for Brushed Oak because we have a big family who regularly visits and it is one of the most durable floors. 

2. Choose colour carefully

Think practically when it comes to colour! If you have a busy home or high footfall, something natural, grey or dark, may be best for you. White floors require slightly more maintenance to keep looking bright and vibrant. Smoked colours add a deep, rich tone, which can also be a good option if you like variation. Colour should also be considered depending on the natural lighting in your home; if bright and airy, you have flexibility. If your property lacks natural light, consider paler tones. Our Floor Visualiser allows you to compare two floors side by side so you can see what flooring suits your space best. I chose natural white as although the maintenance may be more, I wanted to give a contemporary feel and keep the environment bright and airy. 

Russwood’s Floor Visualiser tool
Brushed Natural White Grande Parquet Oak Flooring | Ackie Macrae Joinery
Brushed Natural White Grande Parquet Oak Flooring | Ackie Macrae Joinery

3. Make a statement

Do you want to create a statement in a main or boring area? This can be done by using Grande Parquet Oak. Sometimes using this all over can be overwhelming, so don’t be scared to mix it up! Planks and Grande Parquet can be supplied in the same range, colour, and grade and used together. In our house, Plank was used throughout the hallways and bedrooms to create a sense of flow through the house, but we opted for the Grande Parquet in the main living spaces. This has created variation between the spaces. 

4. Hone your aesthetic

Are you aiming for a contemporary or natural look? There are three options to choose from in our Brushed & Classic ranges to ensure you can achieve your desired aesthetic; Character is our most rustic option with large knots, giving a traditional and rustic appearance. Prime is clearer with smaller knots and Prime Plus has virtually no knots. I chose Prime grade as it was in keeping with the contemporary feel I was going for. 

Brushed Natural White Grande Parquet Oak Flooring | Ackie Macrae Joinery
Brushed Natural White Oak Flooring used as wall cladding | Ackie Macrae Joinery

5. Shop surplus

Wastage is always recommended when purchasing flooring, especially ones that are custom-made, but offcuts do not always have to go to waste. Be creative. With the rising trend of interior cladding, any leftover material could be used as a wall feature. We have also seen leftovers being used in other clever ways, such as benches, shelving, lamps, and headboards. Ackie Macrae Joinery has used excess flooring as wall cladding in our bathroom. For more ideas on how to use leftover flooring, check out our blog

Picking flooring is a personal preference and each project differs. Consider and understand all the options, as this material plays a big part in defining the final appearance of a room! Visit us for a tour and our Flooring and Interior Cladding advisors can help you narrow down your choices. 

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