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Marketing Assistant

From The University of Edinburgh, to travelling Europe, and moving to the Scottish Highlands, our Flooring & Interior Cladding Advisor, Molly Welsh has her fair share of stories to tell. Beyond her professional role, this blog delves into her passion for cooking and interior design, her endeavours in the study of carbon storage and her globetrotting adventures.

From geology to wood science

Molly attended The University of Edinburgh, where she lived and studied for 5 years, earning an integrated master’s degree in MEarthSci Earth Science and Physical Geography. Molly’s academic focus was on Carbon Storage, a field in which she not only excelled but also gained hands-on experience through fieldwork conducted in the beautiful landscapes of The Midland Valley.

Her transition into the timber and construction industry was driven by a passion for sustainability and working with natural materials. It’s a journey that reflects not just a career choice but a deeply rooted commitment to shaping a more environmentally conscious future through innovative and eco-friendly construction practices.

Molly is currently studying for the TFT Wood Experts Level 2 qualification, which will help her further expand her wealth of knowledge.

Molly Welsh on her graduation day outside Edinburgh Castle
Molly at her graduation ceremony outside Edinburgh Castle
Molly and Angus outside Greyfriars Bobby on Graduation Day
Molly and Angus outside Greyfriars Bobby on Graduation Day
Molly and Angus up Dun da Lamh in 2020
Molly and Angus up Dun da Lamh in 2020

Move to the Highlands

Molly enjoyed her time in the vibrant, busy setting of Edinburgh city centre, but prefers the more rural surroundings of the Scottish Highlands. She moved here after graduating and lives with her boyfriend Angus (pictured left). Molly and Angus enjoy hillwalking around the Cairngorms on the weekends, and recently Molly completed her first Munro! Go Molly!

Fun fact: Molly is the ultimate quiz master and held a quiz during Golf Week for around 70 participants at Newtonmore Golf Club.

Interrailing adventures

Molly took a career break after finishing University and interrailed around Europe with Angus. Their first stop was Paris, and they continued to travel across Germany, Belgium, Austria, Croatia and more.

Molly loved experiencing new cultures and trying different tasty cuisines all over the world. Here she is enjoying a pint and a pretzel in the Englischer Garten in Munich (pictured right) – as I write this from my desk in Glasgow, I wish I was there too!

Englischer Garten, Munich
Englischer Garten, Munich
Molly Welsh and boyfriend Angus
Slap Peričnik in Solvenia
Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Molly Welsh is a keen cook, pictured here is her BBQ chicken wings
BBQ Chicken Thighs and Salad

A total “foodie”

Molly loves to experiment in the kitchen: here she made some mouth-watering BBQ’d chicken thighs for her family (pictured left). If you’re inclined to replicate this delicious dish, her secret recipe involves a mixture of sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce for marinating, followed by a sizzle on the BBQ. However, Molly’s ultimate favourite meal to cook is homemade Italian Chicken Parmigiana – yum!

Her culinary talents do not end at savoury goods, with Molly frequently baking cookies, pies and cakes in her spare time.

Interior obsessed

As to be expected with Molly’s profession, she loves interior design. As an avid reader of Homes & Interiors, Molly loves discovering new and inspiring home renovation ideas. When asked what her favourite style is she confidently said “maximalism… I love anything with loads of colour“. This struck me as quite fitting, as each day Molly graces the office with her vibrant, colourful outfits, which perfectly mirror her effervescent personality.

One of Molly’s favourite parts of her job is taking customers on flooring tours. She says “you get to meet new people, and everyone seems genuinely impressed by how much we know about the products“. Further adding “…you get to talk to people about pretty floors and wall cladding, its lovely.”

The Seed in Dundee (pictured right) was one of Molly’s favourite projects to work on so far here at Russwood. With its beauty and bright colours – we can definitely see why!

The Seed | Classic Natural Oak Flooring | Kirsty Macguire Architect | David Barbour Photography
The Seed | Classic Natural Oak Flooring | Kirsty Macguire Architect | David Barbour Photography

We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in working at Russwood both in our yard and office teams. Available positions and details of how to apply speculatively can be found on our careers page.

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