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Head of Technical, R&D

Russwood have been working with SiOO:X since 2015 and we are proud to be the premier specification and supply partner of SiOO:X Wood Protection in the UK. Scrolling through images of our SiOO:X projects, it’s easy to see why we are seeing a growing number of enquiries from architects, contractors and other specifiers who are using SiOO:X in their projects to achieve an even, silver, weathered look within a period of months rather than years.

SILA Select® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Original | Lochend Chalets | Line Architecture | Ross Campbell Photography
SILA Select® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Original | Lochend Chalets | Line Architecture | Ross Campbell Photography

One of the main attractions for customers when selecting SiOO:X, aside from its wood protective properties, is that application of the product delivers a uniform silver-grey colour within a period of 10 to 16 weeks. As the product cures, the formation of the silica network diffracts light which gives the treated timber a silvery grey, driftwood-like appearance.

The natural weathering process depends primarily on sunlight and rainfall which will turn the timber grey over time. A number of factors, such as the location and design of the building, can affect how quickly this process will happen on different parts of the building. While more exposed areas can weather very quickly, more sheltered or protected areas can take longer to change colour. This effect is known as differential weathering.

The application of SiOO:X treatment delivers a weathered appearance both quickly and uniformly and is not reliant on sunlight. SiOO:X is a silicon based wood modification treatment which, as it cures, forms an insoluble silica network within the surface fibres and cells walls of the timber. This silica network (a glass like deposit) strengthens the surface of the timber while also forming a barrier against algae and rot causing organisms. The curing process is dependent on atmospheric CO2 and humidity.  This means that the development of the colour happens evenly, including protected areas of a building which would normally take longer to weather than their more exposed counterparts.

We recommend sawn surfaces for use with SiOO:X as the treatment penetrates the wood to it’s fullest. Where a smooth finish is desired, the timber surface must first be sanded in order to open up the surface to the treatment.

While the curing effect of SiOO:X takes 3 to 4 months to develop it’s silver grey appearance, SiOO:X Mid Grey and Light Grey versions have been developed to give an immediate and long lasting colour to the timber. After 2-3 years, the timber is fully cured and a final colour is reached. The result is a consistent weathered tone, achieved years faster than with natural weathering. SiOO:X Mid Grey gives a soft, muted grey colour while the Light Grey version gives a very pale, almost white colour to the timber. Both of these variations have been developed to work in harmony with the curing effect of SiOO:X to give their own versions of lighter and darker weathered colours.

Having carried out testing of these new pigmented products, we are now seeing examples of completed projects, some of which are showcased above and in our SiOO:X product gallery.

SiOO:X Mid Grey and Light Grey have been developed specifically for use with sawn surfaces and, due to the mixing and application requirements of the pigmented products, are only available as factory applied coatings. For further information, please contact us by email, by submitting our online form or by calling 01540 673648 – our Cladding Sales Team will be happy to provide further information and advice.

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