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Larch Flooring

Larch is a versatile and attractive flooring option which can be used to great effect in both modern and traditional settings. Due to the cold climate, Siberian Larch grows slowly which results in appealing tight grain and an overall durable floor.


To create texture, the boards are machine wire brushed to remove the soft spring wood, exposing the harder summer wood. This accentuates the grain and figuring, resulting in a beautifully textured surface. Supplied unfinished, you have the option to finish the floor as you wish.


The boards are sanded to 150 grit to produce a perfectly even, smooth surface. Supplied unfinished, you have the option to finish the floor to your specification.

Recommended Finishes

We recommend finishing your unfinished floor with an Osmo Polyx® Hardwax Oil. Doing so will provide long-lasting protection whilst increasing the floor’s durability and stain-repelling properties. Due to the depth of penetration achieved, Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil preserves the character and appearance of the wood and ensures that your floor is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Osmo Polyx® Oil is widely regarded as the highest quality Hardwax-Oil on the market and is available to buy through our online shop.

Sanded Larch Colours
Brushed Larch Colours

The alternative to hardwax-oil is a lacquer or oil-based system, which in our experience do not protect or enhance the natural beauty of the wood to the same extent as a hardwax-oil. In addition, chipping, scratching and cracking have traditionally caused issue when using these systems; issues which are not easily rectified without recoating the entire floor space. For further information on hardwax oil versus lacquer, and instructions on how to oil and maintain your floor, please go to Technical Support.

Larch Sizes

Our Larch Flooring is available in the following sizes:

Thickness and width:

19mm thick and 135mm wide


1973mm – microbevel on all four sides

Prices for our Larch flooring start at £48.85 per m2 excluding VAT.

  • Solid flooring
  • Dimensions: 19mm x 135mm x 1973mm
  • Tongue and Groove on all four sides
  • Micro-bevelled on all four sides
  • Kiln dried to 9% moisture content +/- 2%
  • FSC Certified
  • Classed as a softwood species with properties of a real hardwood, providing strength and durability
  • The toughest of the softwoods making it ideal for high traffic areas
  • Significant colour variations make it a very appealing choice
  • Siberian Larch is 45% harder than pine, resulting in less indentation
  • Suitable for all domestic and commercial projects
  • Straight grained with knots that are clearly marked by annual rings
  • Some smaller knots will contain filler

We can help and guide your choice, with expert staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful – call us on 01540 673648.