5 reasons to specify timber cladding

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An increasing number of Architects are choosing to specify timber cladding on both commercial and residential projects. The natural beauty of timber is undoubtedly a factor, but that’s not the only benefit to using this versatile material. Here we look at the aesthetic, practical and environmental benefits of using timber cladding on your next project.

A building with Scotlarch timber cladding on the isle of Skye.
External wall feature with Siberian Larch (or SILA) cladding, factory coated with SiOO:X.
SILA Select® cladding factory-coated with SiOO:X

Timber is Beautiful

Whether your project is of a contemporary or traditional type, choosing to specify timber adds warmth and character, accentuating the aesthetic of any design. The natural origins of timber mean that each board comes with a subtly unique figuring and, depending on the species, different knot shapes and patterns. Current timber cladding design trends we are seeing include mixing up board widths as seen here on Crow’s Nest or horizontal and vertical layouts, used here at Pangbourne College, and using blackened timber cladding design.

Environmental Benefits of Specifying Timber

Growing concerns about climate change and the urge to reduce CO2 emissions in the construction industry make timber the ideal material for environmentally conscious Architects and their Clients. CO2 emissions are one of the most significant contributors to global warming, therefore a key factor in addressing the issue is to find new ways to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Timber products play a vital role in this as trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow which is then locked in and stored in the timber indefinitely. The amount of energy consumed in the production of timber materials is also a benefit with timber having the lowest embodied energy of any building material.

SILA Select® Siberian Larch cladding
Hoskins Architects chose to specify timber cladding at Brodie Castle.

Timber is the one truly sustainable building material as it is a fully renewable resource.

Scotlarch® board on board cladding | Talla Na Mara | Rural Design
Scotlarch® board on board cladding

Timber is Sustainable

Timber is the one truly sustainable building material as it is a fully renewable resource. Its lightweight and versatile nature mean it can be designed to be disassembled and reused or recycled when fixed using advanced fixing systems. Russwood supplies stainless steel screws with improved corrosion resistance (A2 and A4 grades available) and secret-fix options like FassadenClip® which enable an effortless removal of timber cladding without compromising appearance. All Russwood timber products are FSC® or PEFC® certified which ensures responsible management of the forests from where the timber is sourced and ensures the chain of custody of our timber is controlled from the forest through to final product use.

Practical Benefits of Specifying Timber

Natural timber cladding can be extremely durable and long-lasting when properly installed and correctly graded to remove non-durable sapwood. Timber will age or ‘weather’ over time, a process that changes the surface appearance of the boards and, potentially, the overall look of the building. In areas of high rainfall, some timber cladding installations can turn grey in just a few months, whilst in drier areas, the process is likely to be slower. Similarly, south-west facing walls weather relatively fast, due to their exposure to sunlight, whereas north-facing walls tend to weather more slowly, but uniformly. SiOO:X is a patented wood surface modification treatment that achieves a consistently weathered appearance at an accelerated rate. SiOO:X Original takes 3 to 4 months to begin curing and develop its silver-grey appearance, while SiOO:X Mid Grey and Light Grey versions have been developed to give an immediate and long-lasting uniform weathered look to the timber.

SILA Select® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Mid Grey, fixed with L-GoFix® screws
SILA Select® Cladding factory coated with SiOO:X Mid Grey, fixed with L-GoFix® screws
Authentic Antique Grande Parquet Oak Flooring | David Barbour Photography
Authentic Antique Grande Parquet Oak Flooring | David Barbour Photography

Timber is Versatile

Exterior timber cladding and decking are not the only uses for timber. You can also specify timber flooring to add a natural charm to any interior space, and with Russwood’s extensive range of solid and engineered boards in a wide selection of colours and finishes, we can find a unique floor solution to suit your interior design. Russwood floorboards are all selected and graded by hand, ensuring a high standard of quality. Our experienced flooring specialists will advise you on the most appropriate board structure – solid or engineered – and species for your project. Our range of Interior Wall Cladding has been developed to inspire interior designers: free-flowing textures and sinuous grain in an earthy colour palette make use of form and contrast to enrich any living or retail space.

If you are looking to specify timber for your next project get in touch with one of our timber specialists today.

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