Charred timber cladding: Kurowood®

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The ancient Japanese technique for charring timber cladding has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Traditionally used externally to preserve wood by charring the surface with a flame, the charred timber cladding is now a sought-after trend in interiors too. Russwood have developed Kurowood®, a range of painted and embossed interior cladding inspired by the yakisugi technique, which offers a modern, low maintenance, and mess-free alternative to charring.  

The process

Kurowood® is created by hot embossing Thermopine® and then coating it in matt black paint, resulting in a charred effect which mimics the ancient Japanese technique of yakisugi. Due to the thermal modification process, Thermopine® boasts enhanced stability and durability ideal for long-lasting paint coatings. Unlike traditional methods, Kurowood® won’t chip or stain furniture or clothes.   

Kurowood Charred timber cladding
Kurowood® Charred
Kurowood Barred
Kurowood® Barred

Finish options

Kurowood® is available in 3 different surface finishes; charred, barred or wire brushed, each delivering a unique aesthetic. Charred has a striking ‘crackled’ charcoal finish most similar to traditional charring, whereas barred and wire brushed are a contemporary twist. Barred has a ‘criss cross’ band sawn pattern with a characterful rugged appearance. Wire brushed enhances the natural beauty of the timber by removing the soft spring wood and leaving the hard summer wood exposed. This results in a beautifully textured finish, allowing the natural grain of the Thermopine® to be highlighted when the light catches it.  

Stunning aesthetic

Kurowood® comes in an easy-to-install tongue and groove profile suitable for both horizontal and vertical arrangements, adding to its versatility. Using dark or black timber is a bold statement for interiors, bringing interest to any room. Whether it’s a feature wall or the whole room, Kurowood® creates a stunning aesthetic that is designed to last.  

Kurowood Wire Brushed
Kurowood® Wire Brushed

View our full range of Kurowood® here or get in touch with our interiors team to find out more.

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