Introducing Abodo Vulcan: Sustainable timber cladding with superior performance

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As architects and specifiers, finding building materials that offer the right combination of sustainability, performance and aesthetics can be a challenge. Abodo Vulcan, a range of thermally modified Radiata Pine from plantation New Zealand Timber, is here to offer architects and specifiers two remarkable cladding options: Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain and Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn. These products provide sustainable alternatives to old growth Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch, respectively, while maintaining the highest standards of performance and design. With their unique attributes, sustainable credentials and the option for SiOO:X coatings, Abodo Vulcan products are set to redefine your project specs and surpass your cladding expectations.

Characteristics of Abodo Vulcan

Both Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain and Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn share several key characteristics that make them exceptional timber choices. They both undergo a heat modification process which enhances the timber’s stability and reduces resin content, leading to improved performance. Furthermore, they are both free from chemical preservatives and solvents, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. The distinguishing factor lies in their construction methods. Radially sawn sections of timber are engineered to produce Vulcan Vertical Grain, which results in a striking vertical grain orientation. Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn, on the other hand, is cut tangentially (or ‘flatsawn’) resulting in flame like figuring on the boards.

A carbon negative product

You could be forgiven for thinking that timber which travels all the way from New Zealand might not be that sustainable. In actual fact – even after shipping to the UK – Abodo Vulcan is a carbon negative product. This is because the cargo carrying capacities of sea freight fares far better than road transport with regards to carbon consumption. Additionally, the fast-growing nature of Radiata Pine equates to larger volumes of carbon sequestration, compared to slower-growing species. Abodo’s Vulcan’s embodied environmental impact is further detailed in this Environmental Product Declaration.

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Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain

Abodo vulcan cladding
Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding | Chris Lea Photography

A sustainable alternative to old growth Western Red Cedar

Old growth Western Red Cedar has long been specified for its aesthetic appeal, but its availability has become increasingly limited, with its sourcing practices having a detrimental impact on ancient forests. Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain emerges as an exceptional alternative that combines sustainability, craftsmanship, and striking visual qualities, making it an ideal choice for architects and specifiers. Sourced exclusively from sustainable plantations in New Zealand, this thermally modified Radiata Pine offers a fast-growing and highly renewable solution without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

Elevating aesthetics with SiOO:X

The aesthetics of Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain are truly outstanding. Growth rings run in straight lines, from face to face, giving a striking vertical grain appearance, which would look stunning on any facade. The clear grade timber is free of knots adding to the refined aesthetic. When coated with SiOO:X, the timber’s natural beauty is further elevated. The SiOO:X coating provides a consistent weathered appearance, eliminating any concerns of differential weathering.

Abodo vulcan cladding window detail
Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding coated with SiOO:X | Abodo
Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding coated with SiOO:X | Abodo

Making a design statement

Russwood offer a range of standard profiles, among which our unique RW166 tongue and groove profile stands out. This profile ingeniously creates the illusion of two narrower boards, while in reality, it is a single board with a cleverly integrated channel. This innovative design detail not only adds aesthetic appeal but also makes installation faster and more cost-effective, as there are fewer pieces to machine and install. The sharp edge featured in this profile is possible through the use of non-film factory coatings instead of paint, resulting in clean, modern lines that are on-trend and visually striking. In addition to our standard profiles, we offer architects the flexibility to make a design statement through use of blanks which can be used to create fins, large sections sizes and other custom options.

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Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn

An ethical alternative to Siberian Larch

With the Russia-Ukraine conflict causing supply constraints for Siberian Larch, Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn offers an excellent alternative both in terms of sustainability and design versatility. Architects and specifiers can embrace this thermally modified timber with confidence, knowing they are making an environmentally responsible choice.

Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn | Frøslev
Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn | Frøslev

Aesthetics + performance

Architects have long desired a thermally modified timber with a knot-free appearance, and Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn fulfils that demand. Unlike other thermally modified timbers that often showcase knots, Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn stands out with its virtually clear surface, exuding a sleek and refined aesthetic. It is this combination of no knots and flame-like figuring that give Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn a unique design appearance in thermally modified timbers.

Factory coatings

Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn is a perfect substrate for factory coating using SiOO:X to achieve a beautifully weathered appearance without the wait. SiOO:X is available unpigmented, or for instant results choose from light grey or mid-grey. Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn offers versatile coating possibilities that enhance the timber’s aesthetic appeal and ensure a stunning finish.

Abodo Vulcan Flatsawn | Frøslev

If you are interested in finding out more about Abodo Vulcan cladding, speak to one of our team today.

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