Introducing Accoya® RW119 Performance Profile: performance, but without the premium

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An immensely durable and dimensionally stable product, Accoya® has been a staple of our product range since it was first introduced to the UK market in 2007. In addition to the outstanding coatings performance which can be achieved with Accoya®, the unparalleled stability and durability characteristics of the material lend it to use in situations where other timber species would not perform adequately. As a premium product, Accoya®’s only previous area for improvement was its accessibility to the wider market. Russwood’s Accoya® RW119 Performance Profile, finished at 15mm thickness rather than 21mm, reduces the amount of material used and solves this issue.

Accoya RW119 performance profile showing translucent coating
Accoya®| Beechwood Campus | 360 Architects | Ewen Weatherspoon Photography

Performance, but thinner

This new 15mm Performance Profile is produced by resawing 150 x 38mm Accoya®, and profiling to give 2 pieces of the performance profile from a single length of 38mm stock. Due to the dimensional stability of Accoya® the normal ‘heart out’ approach is not necessary, and the best face can be selected for profiling. This alternate approach also significantly reduces the amount of timber used, increasing its sustainability. Aesthetically, the 15mm RW119 profile also has the same front facing appearance and shadow gap style as our 21mm profile, but the depth of the groove is slightly shallower.

To evidence the truly superior performance of Accoya® and support the equal dimensional stability of the 15mm thickness to a normal thickness, a trial was carried out by TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association). The conclusion of this study was that 15mm Accoya® performs on par with a 21mm profile.


Accoya RW119 Performace Profile from side view showing thinner profile
Accoya® RW119 Performance Profile 15mm
Accoya® RW119 15mm Performance Profile

More cost effective

As our premium product, Accoya® inherently has a premium price point. The main benefit of the new performance profile is that it offers a more cost effective solution per m². This sought-after species now sits closer to other substrates in our product range and is now accessible to a wider spectrum of customers and projects.


Accoya® hasn’t changed

Created by modifying Radiata Pine through a non-toxic acetylation process, Accoya® is ideal for projects where a flawless painted finish and clean, crisp lines are desired. This characteristic makes Accoya® extremely popular with Architects. The uniformly attractive, consistently durable and dimensionally stable product is also fully sustainable and will last a lifetime.

Accoya® is the ultimate surface for factory-coating with opaque or translucent paint. Virtually no shelling, cracking, checking or fissuring will occur. Coatings can be expected to last up to three times longer than on unmodified timbers, substantially reducing maintenance requirements, ultimately proving more cost effective.


Tigh Bheag | Accoya® cladding
image showing opaque paint on RW119 performance profile
Woodland Lodge | Accoya® cladding

I caught up with Sales and Project Development Supervisor, Morgan Corrieri, about the introduction of the new Accoya® RW119 Performance profile, and she commented that:

The dimensional stability properties of Accoya® are unrivalled, making it the ideal substrate for low maintenance, decorative paint finishes. Boards display subtle figuring with very few knots resulting in a clean and contemporary aesthetic. With the introduction of our new RW119 Performance profile, Accoya® will now be a viable option for a wider scope of projects.

How to specify

When specifying Accoya®, having a conversation about design intention and project requirements with our Architectural Liaison Team is the best way to ensure you are specifying the most suitable product for your project.

View Accoya® here or get in touch with our Architectural Liaison Team to find out more.

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A modified timber with outstanding dimensional stability and unrivalled durability properties, which make it ideal for factory-coating.
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