Thermopine® timber cladding: the do-it-all species

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In the realm of timber cladding, Thermopine® stands out as a versatile choice. But what sets it apart, and why is it gaining popularity among architects, builders, and homeowners? In this blog, we take a closer look at the versatility of Thermopine®, its distinct qualities, advantages, and why it has rightfully earned the title of the ‘do-it-all species’.

What is Thermopine® timber cladding?

Thermopine® isn’t just any ordinary pine; it’s a Scandinavian-grown Scots Pine that has undergone thermal modification using only heat, steam and pressure. Exclusive to Russwood, Thermopine® has been regraded to our own exacting standard in-house, ensuring quality and consistency every time. This means it’s not only better than alternative modified pines but also sets a new benchmark for performance and reliability.

Compatibility with coatings

One of the key features of Thermopine® is its remarkable dimensional stability. But what does that mean? Essentially, it refers to the timber’s ability to maintain its original dimensions despite changes in moisture content or temperature. This enhances resistance to warping, decay, or cracking over time, ensuring a longer lifespan for your cladding and longer spells between maintenance.

This dimensional stability makes Thermopine® the ultimate substrate for coating, as does the lack of resin pockets. This might sound like a simple technical detail, but it’s crucial, especially when it comes to coatings. Unlike some other resinous species, Thermopine® won’t have unsightly resin seeping through the paint, particularly noticeable with darker coatings. The resin, burned off during the thermal modification process, ensures a consistent finish, making it ideal for various coatings such as paint, Woca oil, and SiOO:X. For optimal coating performance, we recommend a textured surface finish. Thermopine® is available in a wire brushed finish which accentuates the figuring, or Microtex® a fibrous finish specially designed to improve coating performance. When coated, thermally modified timber lasts up to three times longer than unmodified timbers too!

Benefits of Thermopine®

Thermopine® has gained recognition from Archello, noted as a standout among the 25 best natural wood cladding products. But what does this mean for our customers? It means you’re investing in a product that is acknowledged for its quality and performance by industry experts.

Furthermore, Thermopine® offers increased dimensional stability and durability, equivalent to durability class 2 (the same as Oak). This ensures it can withstand the test of time, even in harsh environments. Plus, its environmental credentials are top-notch, with the sawmills that process the raw Scandinavian-grown Scots pine using their own waste and chippings to fuel the biomass boilers used in the thermal modification process.

Moreover, Thermopine® offers a great cost-to-performance ratio. As a thermally modified timber, it provides a number of benefits while maintaining an attractive price point. One of the defining features of Thermopine® is its natural figuring, including wide growth rings and plentiful butterfly knots which adds to its unique aesthetic appeal. These natural imperfections make it a value-for-money choice, that stands out in both commercial and domestic projects.

Black coated timber cladding on a house in Scotland.
Thermopine® Cladding coated black | Loader Monteith Architects
The rear end of the Letamhill Golf It! Centre building with timber and fire retardant.
Lethamhill Golf It! Centre | Thermopine® RW119 Cladding Fire Treated with BurnBlock® | Holmes Miller | CCG Scotland Ltd | FireWright

Fire Performance

For projects which have fire performance requirements, Thermopine® offers clear solutions. We offer a select range of profiles which can be fire treated to a Euro Class B rating, using Burnblock® Fire Retardant. The Burnblock® impregnation process is carried out by our certified UK partner WJ FireWright. In recent developments, Thermopine® can also be coated with both Burnblock® and SiOO:X Mid and Light Grey. This industry leading innovation is a first for the UK, and promises a safer, more beautiful and environmentally conscious future for timber applications in construction. Furthermore, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your timber cladding and offering you peace of mind in terms of safety.

To conclude, Thermopine® timber cladding is the ultimate do-it-all species. With its thermal modification treatment, it offers increased stability, durability, and visual appeal. It’s highly compatible with various coatings, including paint, Woca oil, and SiOO:X, ensuring better coating performance and less maintenance. Let’s not forget its competitive pricing, making it accessible to all.

Find out more about Thermopine® or any of our other timber cladding species by getting in touch with a member of our Sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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