Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain: an alternative to Western Red Cedar


Old Growth Western Red Cedar has been a long standing favourite for many applications amongst architects, builders and homeowners.  The traditional favourite benefitted from good performance characteristics, and was available in high grades with few knots or other imperfections. This popularity has led to the areas of native forests with old growth trees being depleted, and efforts are now being made to protect and preserve these areas. This has resulted in strain on the supply of high grade cedar, increased prices and compromises in quality. In this blog, we will discuss Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain, an eminently sustainable alternative to high grade cedar.

Striking visual appeal

As old-growth Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch availability declines, the latest addition to our premium cladding range: Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain is the perfect alternative. In appearance, Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain has a refined straight grain and clear grade, free from knots. It also has a rich colouring which is not dissimilar to Cedar.

In addition to this, the exceptional stability of Abodo Vertical Grain makes it well-suited to use in exceptionally wide boards, and here at Russwood we have created a range of profiles to utilise these performance benefits. This cladding species is also highly compatible with SiOO:X Wood Protection, with the pigmented Light and Mid Grey shades giving the timber a consistent, weathered appearance from the start.

Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding | Simon Devitt Photography
Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain | Mark Scowen Photography

The sustainable and smart choice

Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain is produced from fast grown Radiata Pine which has been thermally modified through an innovative high temperature process. The plantation farming methods and 25-30 year growth cycle yields high volumes of sustainably grown clear grade material, locking in large volumes of atmospheric carbon in rapid cycles.

Although this product has to travel from New Zealand to reach the UK, it remains carbon negative since sea freight produces much less carbon than road travel. Radiata pine also grows in FSC-certified plantation forests in New Zealand, where rich soils and a high level of rainfall ensure rapid tree growth. Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain offers a fast-growing and highly renewable solution without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

Celebrated for its durability and high-performance

Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain is a patented design, thanks to the unique thermal modification and laminated construction process that Abodo have developed based on their deep understanding of timber. The resulting product boasts exceptional performance characteristics in terms of stability and durability. You don’t need to use Western Red Cedar to achieve superb results, and as high-grade cedar becomes scarcer, Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain addresses these challenges. A high-performance product which delivers in the key areas, and will stand firm through years of exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain | Mark Scowen Photography
Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain process diagram
Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain cladding coated with SiOO:X | Abodo

Final remarks

In summary, the iconic status of old growth Western Red Cedar is being challenged by Abodo Vulcan VG, a sustainable and high-performance alternative. This innovative solution offers comparable aesthetic, stability and durability whilst doing so at a lower cost. As the push for sustainable materials gains momentum, Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain stands at the forefront of responsible choices, ensuring a brighter future for construction and design.

If you are thinking about specifying Abodo® Vulcan Vertical Grain in your next project please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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Abodo Vulcan Vertical Grain is a premium exterior cladding option and sustainable alternative to old-growth Western Red Cedar.
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