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Russwood recognise timber as the major truly sustainable building material of the future. We invest effort into promoting the many advanced uses of timber decking applications incorporating the use of performance-enhancing fixing systems to keep your decking quality high at all times.

SILA RW207 Decking & Scotlarch® cladding - Cove Park Arts Centre | Cameron Webster Architects
SILA RW207 Decking & Scotlarch® cladding Cameron Webster Architects

Russwood secret-fix and face-fix systems for wooden decking extend its longevity, improve appearance and reduce the requirement for maintenance. Moreover, contemporary fixing methods enable boards to be easily replaced and even reused which complies with the principles of environmental sustainability and circular economy.

In this blog, Russwood’s Architecture Liaison Technician Dominykas Maurusaitus invites readers to learn more about the benefits of using Russwood’s fixing systems for decking.

Timber decking
secret-fix systems


GleitFix® is a fixing system using clips drilled into the back of the wooden decking boards that clip into a fitting in the joists of the wooden decking frame. The face and end parts remain intact, hiding the fixings completely. The advantages of GleitFix® secret-fix system include eliminating the risk of water traps by over-driven screws; allowing air circulation between the timber decking boards and joists and, if ever required, easy replacement of individual decking boards. The two-component (GleitFix® AE and GleitFix® GF) fixing system is made of reinforced fibre-glass compound extremely resistant to heat, frost and UV. The design allows the expansion and contraction of timber, preventing end and surface splits. GleitFix® works with board widths from 90mm to 150mm and board thicknesses from 19mm to 30mm.

GleitFix® System
GleitFix® System
Thermopine® Decking fixed with SenoFix® system
Thermopine® Decking fixed with SenoFix® system

SenoFix® FT (Thermopine® decking)

SenoFix® FT secret-fixings can be used with Thermopine® decking boards which are machined to have a profile shape with curved edges (Russwood profiles RW214 and RW215). SenoFix® FT secret-fixing system makes use of GleitFix® AE stat/end clips for secret-fixing the first and last boards of the deck. SenoFix® FT creates a fixing-free decking effect and prevents unsightly overdriven screws and resulting water traps. SenoFix® FT permits movement and ensures the free flow of air around the boards. This avoids saturation of the timber and enables rapid drying of wetted decking, thus reducing the risk of slipping. Decking boards installed using SenoFix® FT are easy to replace individually.

SenoFix® makes wooden decking 50% faster to install than conventional face-fixing methods.

Timber decking
face-fix systems

L-BohrFix® A4 & KompeFix®

Patented L-BohrFix® MB A4 screws are precision-milled from marine grade (316, also known as A4) stainless steel. This makes them ideal for areas with high rainfall or constant wetting. Unlike other grades of steel, chlorine or salt will not cause L-BohrFix® MB A4 screws to corrode or discolour. The sharp flanks of the screw thread allow optimum anchoring without causing the timber to split. The small diameter of the flush-drilling 3-step head allows for clean, consistent detailing.

Together with L-BohrFix® screws we recommend using KompeFix® to create a well-ventilated decking structure. Sufficient ventilation shortens timber’s drying time resulting in increased longevity. Additionally, KompeFix® compensates for the natural swelling and shrinking of the timber decking boards.

Left - SILA fixed with L-BohrFix® A4 screws | Bottom - VG Larch fixed with L-BohrFix® A4 screws
Left – SILA fixed with L-BohrFix® A4 screws | Bottom – VG Larch fixed with L-BohrFix® A4 screws
JustiFix® with Thermopine® joists

Timber decking substructure systems

JustiFix® with Thermopine® joists

JustiFix® greatly reduces assembly time as it is height-adjustable from 35-500mm, making setting out and accurate levelling of the substructure a significantly easier and quicker task. JustiFix® avoids decay issues which would normally occur when timber underbuilding contacts the ground and reduces the probability of water gathering underneath. This enhances ventilation and therefore greatly increases the durability of the timber decking frame and boards.

For the substructure of decking, together with JustiFix® we recommend using 142x42mm Thermopine® joists. The main advantage of Thermopine® is that it has been thermally treated, which makes it more dimensionally stable. The reduction in dimensional movement can be up to 40-50%, which is of particular benefit to decking frames. Thermopine® is significantly more resistant to moisture absorption than unmodified timbers, therefore shrinkage and swelling are decreased substantially.

For more information on any of the products featured in this blog get in touch with one of our timber specialists.

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